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Back in September my dear friend and I escaped for a few days of Italian fun, food, wine and culture….

It was bliss… we spent our days wandering the incredibly beautiful streets, taking lots of photos, over indulging on italian cuisine and generally having a lovely time.

We stayed tin this lovely little Air bnb place and the whole holiday was was really chilled and just what the doctor ordered…. We stayed in Verona, which I had never been to before and it was beautiful,we managed to do all the major attractions and even managed to coincide our trip with the annual international Tocati festival of games and squeeze in a night at the opera!

The festival meant all weekend there lots of free traditional game demonstrations and participatory activities which was really fun. The show we managed to catch at the Verona arena was a contemporary on ice extravaganza and was such fun, The intissmi ,On Ice, Opera Pop… click here to find out more about it. Oh and Pharrell Williams opened the show which was quite special…. all in all… it was a fantastic trip.

I love Italy so much and over the next few years hope to visit much more of it!

For now though… a few snaps I took along the way…

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