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Of course I’m always late with my posts… You should expect nothing less by now…

So, firstly, Happy New Year, I hope you saw in the new year surrounded by your loved ones.

Before I look forward to 2015 I’m gonna take a quick look back at Christmas 2014. Now anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Christmas, like embarrassingly so, more then its normal for a 30-yr old woman to… but there you have it, it’s my guilty pleasure.

So obviously as the 1st of December rolls around I cannot wait to unpack my beloved decorations and transform the house to it’s festive best!

We had the pleasure of hosting this year and it was really fun (if not a little exhausting). Huge Kudos to all the mumma’s out there who do this year in year out, it’s hard work!

As I love a bit of entertaining though…. we kinda loved it all… We had the delightful company of my family on Christmas day and Maxwell’s family on Boxing Day. We did the traditional Christmas lunch on the main day (minus a turkey obviously) then decided on a huge veggi lasagne for boxing day. We prepped wisely and most of the on the day cooking was enjoyable as apposed to a hassle which was lovely.

Another thing I adore about Christmas is the giving of gifts. It makes me so happy to give a gift I know someone will love. There’s always alot of Lego in our house at Christmas and this year was no exception. I also got absolutely spoilt rotten, it was all a bit overwhelming, I was obviously a very good girl in 2014!

Maxwell had got all sneaky and had involved both of our families to all chip in to buy me a professional lingerie making masterclass which I am so excited about. If you didn’t know I make a bit of lingerie for my business Mia Mai, but I struggle with my confidence and finishing and have not mastered the obvious fine art of knicker making, so the present was really special. I’ll make sure I post about it once I’ve been!

Maxwell also made me a beautiful frame and enclosed a vintage map of our home town!

As boxing day rolled round and we welcomed Maxwell’s family the surprises kept on coming as Maxwell’s lovely parents surprised us all, by way of a slightly confusing game, that they want to send us all to Orlando. Wow! I got a bit emotional to say the least!

So a few days filled with love, family, gifts, food, comfort and a lot of chocolate. That’s what you call a good Christmas if you ask me…

Me, being me, snapped away over the few days and here are (alot) of pics I snapped…

I’ll highlight a few of my faves and pop the rest in a gallery if you wanna have a browse.

DSCF6136 DSCF6139 DSCF6141 DSCF6144 DSCF6146 DSCF6153 DSCF6168 DSCF6180 DSCF6200 DSCF6226 DSCF6233 DSCF6235 DSCF6252