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So… I should explain first that this post (like all good posts) is well over due…

You may recall back in July I did a post on a Hen Party Book I made for one of my best friends. Well I said then I’d do a post on the wedding later… I just wasn’t specific as to when that when would be…

Today’s your lucky day!

Firstly I should probably explain a little about the bride and groom, my dearest friend Miss Anna Quinton had fallen hard and fast and head over hills for the man of her dreams a certain Mr Rudy Zissou. These two… what can I say… They are the perfect match for the other, a proper fit you may say. He a transformer loving geek at heart, she a tattooed collector of colourful things, he brings the perfect amount of shyness to her personality. You could just say they’re the perfect couple…

Now we (Maxwell and I) had the privilege of being involved with the wedding day preparations from the beginning. Evenings spent making pom-poms from coloured tissue paper and hand cutting the vintage paper dolls for the place settings… You could say it was a slice of crafty heaven!

Seeing it all come together on the big day eve was special for me, I can only imagine how it must have felt for them…. They got married in the beautiful Stockbridge Farm barn in Sherborne, Dorset, and for that sunny weekend in July the majority of our little seaside town re-camped to a tiny village in the West-Country!

The wedding was a colourful affair, the beams decorated with rainbow pom-poms and paper decorations, the tables adorned with colourful wild flowers, vintage puzzle table numbers and playing card seating plans just added to the uniqueness of the special day that was utterly the bride and groom.

I have only been to a few wedding where I really feel the day was ‘them’, as apposed to people just doing what they think they should do. It was refreshing, personal and beautiful!

Anna, looked sensational in her custom made gown using antique lace from her Gran/GreatGran. The groom and best man looked dashing in tailored mis-matched suits. The wedding entourage added to the sunshine in their vintage and handmade rainbow dresses.

Anna, a self declared master baker made her own 100&1000 covered three tiered affair, I might add it was super yummy too!

The day was wonderful, they were wed outside the barn, the colourful guests sitting beneath the cloud spotted sky. The meal, a BBQ was delicious, the speeches were among the funniest I’ve ever heard and the dancing, well the dancing went on and on and on. The Day of the Rabblement played folk songs that got everyone up onto the floor and the best man Bren ensured they stayed there well into the early hours doing some Dj-ing.

So enough of me rabbling on, a picture tells a thousand words anyway isn’t that what they say?


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