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Hey all, happy weekend! Hope despite the chilly weather you are all having a lovely relaxing weekend!

I feel I’m finally catching up with all my blog to-do’s… It’s a nice feeling… I can almost feel a new series coming on!

Now this belated post is only from November, so really, when you think if it… That’s pretty good going!

I’m heading back to November thirtieth and my lovers birthday. It was his 33rd birthday and fun shenanigans were in order…

Back in the summer i had brought him a beautiful old rusty bicycle from a boat jumble so although he’d technically had his present already I still wanted to treat him… he’s a good egg after all…

I decided a annual pass to our local Historic Dockyard would be a brilliant gift… being that he builds boats and all that Jazz…

I had been a bit sneaky (a need requirement for all birthday treats I’m sure you’ll agree) and booked us in for a night at the Ships Leopard Hotel… so this is how Maxwells Birthday celebration went…

After a bit of a lie in and soft boiled eggs in bed I gifted my love with a handmade card and a lego mixel (this little critter was well received my my lego loving man) We then hopped in a taxi (the rain ruined plans to get out on birthday bikes!) and off we headed to the Historic Dockyard…

I gave him his wrapped up annual pass and off we went excited for an inspiring day.

If you’ve not heard of the Historic Dockyard before I urge you to go if you ever get the chance. Home to two impressive warships which you can go on board and explore as well as the impressive ruins of the famous Mary Rose and much more too it really is a great family day out and a lovely way to spend a day.


I booked the annual passes online and they were so reasonable, so cheap in fact that I actually rang up to check it was right as it seemed too cheap! For only £21 you can buy an annual pass (here’s the link if you’re interested) this is for all the attractions I might add!

We decided to concentrate on just one museum so we opted for the Mary Rose.

It was my first time and it was so impressive! They’ve laid the half the ship out one one side, and all the artefacts on the other, so it’s like you’re really walking through the middle of the ship! Even for me (a girl who doesn’t really do history etc, it was brilliant!)


We took a break for lunch and headed to the main dockyard cafe for a sandwich and a hot drink… another mixel present appeared and accompanied our lunch… obviously!20150131-190717.jpg


After lunch but before we headed back we discovered a load of old game boxes… if that’s what you call them? Little scenes that moves when you paid 20p, candy grab boxes and my favourite was one of those creepy fortune teller ones like in BIG. I’m not gonna lie, I loved my premonition which came printed on a little card…. obviously the fact it hinted that I would have twin girls some time soon had nothing to do with my reasons for loving it (broody.com)20150131-190752.jpg



When it got dark and the museum was closing up we headed out… the hotel was situated just meters from the entrance/exit of the dockyard so we literally had to walk straight past it, which worked out quite well when I casually said… shall we go in here???

In we went though, bewildered boyfriend in tow and checked straight in… The Ship Leopard Boutique Hotel was really cute… a little more glitzy then we would have normally chose, but for location and views it couldn’t be beat!.

The day before I’d called by the hotel to drop off a bag, a cake and some pressies, they were awaiting us when we checked in… Obviously the cake was chocolate, with nutella frosting of course… there may have also been one for lego mixel to add to the collection (if you get all 3 you can combine them to make a mega mixel) and lastly something to enjoy in the tub… a gift-set of 3 different beers from the amazing good local brewery ‘Staggeringly Good‘… as you can tell he was pretty pleased with it all!

After a joint soak in the tub and a drink or two we headed over to Gunwharf for some dinner and another glass of wine!




The next morning we woke up refreshed and with a glorious sun waiting us outside… we packed up, enjoyed our free breakfast and went back to the dockyard. As part of the annual pass you can also go on a harbour tour which we did and was really fun!!20150131-191002.jpg




20150131-191109.jpgAll in all a wonderful birthday was had by my handsome lover… Here’s to next year! x