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And there you have it… my last 10 Most Wanted Zara dedicated post… (for now)

So have I converted you? I hope so!! I must admit, in the past, whist I have always admired Zara clothes on others, I never really felt it suited my style. My dear friend Mrs Keates over at The Magpie Mother always seems to find the most beautiful and laid back stylish items that suit her oh-so-much! But now it seems, especially with this collection, they’ve given them selves a slightly bohemian makeover that calls to my gypsy soul and adoration for all things embellished, printed and ethnic.

I will be checking back in with them soon for sure, but for now, enjoy my last offering. Here Here Zara from your new no.1 fan!

10wanted zara 5

one | suede fringed jacket. two | necklace. three | pouch bag. four | red dress. five | boots. six | lace up flats. seven | dress. eight | necklace. nine | tassel bag. ten | cardigan.