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It feels like I’ve been neglecting this space recently, so please accept my apologies, I have been a busy old bee, completing projects, giving talks and arranging photoshoots to do with Mia Mai and my freelance teaching work…

In between all the madness and business, my love and I made the effort to mark the passing of time and celebrate one of those few special dates that mark something special in our relationship.

3 years ago, on the 9th of March 2012, Maxwell and I spent our first day together, lovingly nicknamed our first non-date (we had 4 of these before we had our official first date (a traditional dinner and movie date).

We went on a walk armed with a couple of old film cameras and a picnic. We walked from Old Portsmouth, all along Southsea Seafront, then caught the Hayling Ferry across the short distance of water to Hayling Island, to continue our walk and eventually take shelter, nestled between two old beach huts…. we have repeated this date for the last few years, and this year (albeit a day early) we celebrated in a similar way.

After a morning visiting dear friends and their sweet baby bird, we grabbed some nibbles, made a flask of hot chocolate and grabbed a blanket and headed off to the ferry.

Due to the lateness in the day we didn’t make it to our usual spot but hiding between the sand dunes we snuggled up and breathed in the sea air and watched the clouds pass us by.

As the temperature dropped and the sun set we snuck into the pub for a swift half before catching the last ferry home huddled up against the bitter wind.

Here’s a few pictures of our non date anniversary…

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