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My darling Niece reached her first milestone today… Her first birthday. We celebrated over the weekend, surrounded by family, food and love… How all birthdays should be spent if you ask me.

My wonderful brother and his beautiful wife invited all the family to come celebrate this special little lady…. It was the first time everyone was all there at one time and it was so lovely for us all and for Lilly. Luckily the attention didn’t spook the birthday girl and she revelled in cuddles and attention!

A laid back day including a big old party spread, Winnie the Pooh themed table, a fantastic cake made by Lilly’s talented Auntie Lisa, then lots of special presents for the birthday girl…

Maxwell and I gifted the birthday girl 3 simple gifts and a handmade card. A beautifully illustrated floor puzzle Maxwell found in a secondhand store, a soft skittles set from ikea and a vintage 1st birthday cake charm for Lilly’s bracelet…

Here are a couple of pics I snapped of the birthday shenanigans…

Here’s to many more happy birthdays to come pretty girl x

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