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A day after we celebrated my sweet niece and her first birthday, it was my time to celebrate my thirty-first…

This year felt a bit odd… not in a bad way, but in a different way… I’ve always made a big fuss over my birthdays, planned big nights out and unlike some, I enjoyed organising friends and the festivities….The longer I could drag out the celebrations, the better!

This year, for obvious reasons I wasn’t the main event, and that was ok… It kinda felt like my first grown up birthday, if that makes sense…? Last year for the big 3-0 I threw a OTT 1930’s soiree and partied the night away in a spectacular gown with a champagne cocktail in hand….

On the Friday night before we headed up north to my brothers, we had a little dinner with a couple of close friends in a local turkish restaurant which was amazing! Later joined by my cousin and another friend we chatted over cocktails at the adjacent bar.

My actual birthday morning was spent with close family, poached eggs with hollandaise, bucks fizz and a few presents from my nearest and dearest.

I had gone shopping with my Mumma a few weeks back to buy a much more sensible birthday dress compared to last year, and I had already been given a few early gifts which awaited me at home.

I opened pressies, including a wonderful converted 1970’s slide projector (converted into a film projector by my clever man) and we followed breakfast with the most enormous chocolate and peanut butter cake as a tribute to the incredible cake Maxwell and Mumma made last year (people are still talking about that cake!)

After packing up and giving many a hug Maxwell and I headed to Milton Keynes for a bit of shopping and a visit to the lego shop. I brought these amazing wide leg striped trousers from Zara… There was so much I could have brought had money allowed, it appears my love affair with Zara continues!

After we’d shopped we stopped off for some lunch and a couple of mocktails. Then my darling man drove me home whilst I snoozed (I am officially the worse passenger ever)

When we got home we cracked open a bottle of bubbly, grabbed a slice of cake and opened the rest of my presents. Wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful presents might I add. Feeling very loved and spoilt, we set up the slide projector, snuggled down on the bed, ordered a pizza and watched Harry Potter.

And there you go… My first official birthday of my thirties…. and you know what…. I loved it…..  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9