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As the weather warms I for one indulge my love of a good salad… I have come across 2 recently which I adore and want to share with you…

The first I previously mentioned in my Valentines post earlier this year, the other I sampled the weekend just gone

First up: Crushed Pea, Dill & Feta Salad


You’ll need:

Some Peas (fresh or blanched boiled)

Soya Beans (fresh or blanched boiled)

Fresh garlic

Feta Cheese

A couple of Lemons

Olive Oil

Bunch of fresh Dill

Salt and Pepper

Now I’m not one to follow recipes to the book, you can thank my Mumma for that, but if you’d like to you can buy this amazing cookbook . But you mustn’t feel you have to, the joy of a salad like this is you can just kinda guess: you like loads of cheese – up the cheese quantity… you really like lemony stuff, go to town….

As for the method, you’ll want to crush your peas (if using frozen blanch boil first for a couple of minutes then run with cold water) The original recipe was just peas but I really like the addition on Soya beans, so you can add these if like me, you want!

Next up you want to zest and squeeze 1-2 lemons depending on how much you like, add some olive oil, lots of chopped up dill, 1-2 cloves of freshly crushed garlic and a good seasoning of salt and pepper. Whisk together.

In a big bowl add your peas, soya beans, the dressing mixture and crumble in as much feta as your heart desires!

Now you want to go to town smushing (yes that’s a technical term) the salad together. Use a wooden spoon or a pestle/mortar (can never remember which one is which) and you’re done… check the seasoning and enjoy!

This works great as a brushetta topping or just as a side addition to any meal…. or who am I kidding, just a meal in it’s self…. It’s a really fresh, packed with flavour and packs a bit of a punch thanks to the raw garlic, but by golly, it’s a goodun!!

Next up is: Mango, Quinoa, Pomegranate and Mint Salad


Now it was actually in Pret that I discovered this salad and I was SO impressed….As it’s so simple I don’t think you can really go wrong… In the shop brought salad they used sweet red/brown quinoa, but you can use the more common white quinoa if you want too!

You’ll need:

Fresh Mango

Pomegranate seeds

Fresh Mint



So, to get started you wanna cook your quinoa… rinse with cold water for a couple of minutes first then pop in a pan, cover in water and bring to the boil (roughly aim for a 1:2 ratio quinoa to water). Once the water is boiling turn down and simmer for about 15 minutes. You’ll know your quinoa is ready when the little white spiral has appeared.

Let it cool throughly!!! ( I didn’t do this the first time and stirred the ingredients together whilst warm… it totally changed/ruined the salad so trust me…. wait!)

Whilst the quinoa is cooling you want to prep the rest of the ingredients, prepare your mango by cutting round the stone and cutting the flesh into small cubes. Finely chop your fresh mint. Tip in your pomegranate seeds and squeeze in the juice of 2/3 limes.

Once you have all the other ingredients in a bowl and the quinoa is completely chilled stir everything together and enjoy this fresh delicious salad. Seriously you won’t be disappointed….

If you have any great summer salads you want to share I’d love to hear about them!