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In my last post I mentioned we visited Winchester recently with a group of young people we’ve been working with. After leaving the Discovery Centre we headed over to Hampshire Wardrobe

Hampshire Wardrobe is one of those places that unless you know about it, you don’t, it’s well and truly off the beaten track but my oh my…. what a treasure trove this place is.

Tucked away in a couple of cabins lies a fantastic collection of over 5,000 costumes and accessories. We’re basically describing the worlds biggest dressing up box! Their stock includes adult’s and children’s wear, hats, shoes, wigs, masks and weapons, representing all eras from the stone age to the space age….

The collection is there to hire out to schools and colleges, drama groups, companies and the general public… Yep… you can just walk in there and hire an outfit… or if you were thinking like me, with a flurry of weddings ahead, a hat….

Unfortunately with all the kids running round dressing up as princesses, soldiers, wookies, lady gaga, minnie mouse etc etc I didn’t get a huge chance to indulge my inner fashionista (minus a hot pink wig obviously) but really…. it was like a little slice of heaven…

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