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    Wow…. It appears I’ve reached another blog milestone… This will be my 300th blog post (how’d that happen?!?) and I feel I should do something to mark the occasion.

It feels almost symbolic that that 300th post should come at a time when I’m settling into life in my thirties.

I’m not sure my blog ever really reflected my more carefree twenties (that was saved for album upon album of Fb photos) but I like the way it’s heading as I begin my thirties… I look at blogs I admire and follow and they all seem so much more content worthy; weddings, motherhood, businesses etc… but I guess I’ve got all that to come…? and that excites me.

I’m not sure how often my ‘followers’ check in, It still makes me chuckle that there are people across the world who are intrigued enough to read my often mis-spelt, grammatically incorrect ramblings but it’s nice, so thank you for those who like posts and follow my adventures.

I hope this blog continues to grow and thrive and provides me a continued method of sharing my life, if nothing else, it’ll be here to look back in years to come, and for what ever is yet to happen and be blogged about… I’m ready and waiting for you…. lets do this together….