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  My lovely (and incredibly talented) friend Kathy had a private view a few Thursdays back for an exhibition of her work and we were invited along to take a look… I drafted this post a while back, then got distracted and forgot to actually post it! :/

Better late then never hey?! 
Kathy, or Kas, makes the most intricate, beautiful sculptures from paper that you can’t really describe, you need to see for yourself! The tactile objects draw you in with their layer upon layer of detail and intrigue.

The exhibition can be seen in Apex Gallery, Portsmouth until 7 June (so you still have a week!!) and it really is worth a look! There are more details, as well as loads of Kas’ amazing work on her website. (Take a look of that too!!)

Kas says of her work and inspiration…

“I love books. Reading one is both a visual and tactile experience that can take you somewhere amazing or teach you something extraordinary. 
My work is an exploration into their potential as sculptural objects and the tactile transformation that brings. It is a life after reading.

The technique I use is a combination of multiple folding and cutting of the pages which alters the shape, gradually changing its structure so that it becomes an entirely different object without losing its essence as a book. By cutting into the pages, the print and images are disseminated producing a fragmented pattern and changing its tactile properties. I often use applied images from my paper designs to give added depth, shape and colour to the finished sculpture.”

In addition to her sculptures Kas also creates these amazing layered and colourful images using paint, collage and latex! More colour and pattern then you can shake a stick at!! Here’s a few more snaps I took from the PV…