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It’s been a bit quiet over here, but I have a good excuse I promise!

I’ve had a week to recover now, but basically in the last few weeks I have visited about 10 different cities in 4 different countries, 2 separate weddings, a hen do and an exhibition thrown in too for good measure!

It exhausted me to just write that sentence so you can only imagine how I’m feeling right now/why it’s taken me a week to compose this post!

My love and I aren’t huge travellers, through no other reason then we’re normally just a bit too skint to indulge in abroad vacations. However this year, and the month of May in particular, has been the most travelled month of my life… we saved our pennies, packed multiple cases and crammed a lot in those 2 weeks….

Our itinerary went a little like this….

Between 14/5 – 19/5 We travelled from Southampton, to Amsterdam, to Rotterdam, back to Amsterdam for a day trip then returned to Southampton via Amsterdam again…

After a 6hour Uk stopover, our next holiday took place between 20/5 – 26/5. We left Southampton in the early hours, headed to London Stanstead, flew to Brindisi (Italy) drove to Spongano (our home for the 5 days holiday), explored all over Southern Italy, drove up the southern eastern coast to Bari and returned to Stanstead…

I then had a 2 days, 1 of work, 1 to wash & repack then, after a daytrip to London to see the Savage Beauty exhibition on the 29/5 it was back home, then back to Stanstead again, a quick flight to Santander for a weekend, back to Stanstead and finally returning home.

Home sweet home.

It was so much fun… many laughs were had and memories made… we even came back with euros to spare which was a huge bonus!

I thought rather then cramming the whole month of May into one mammoth post, I’d split it up into separate posts, maybe a country a post?!

All I can say is its good to be home….

NB: Photo taken at Bari Airport after a busy 10 days.