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I have some talented friends amongst my collection. I also happen to live in a city that celebrates and supports it’s creative family. Because of this there is often a friends exhibition or show to go and see…

One such creative friend is the beautiful Lorna. Lorna is one of those inspirational ladies whom I look up to both personally and professionally (and her work really is beautiful too)

Whilst we were off attending weddings around the world, Lorna debuted a brand new exhibition…. And by golly it was good!

I unfortunately missed the PV and hadn’t had a chance to see it yet, so on a day off friday I headed down there to check it out…


The exhibition took place in the awesome Kings Ship Tattoo Shop in Southsea. This is the second time I’ve checked out a show there, the first being a Megamuden show earlier in the year and the unlikely partnership of a exhibition space and tattoo studio strangely continues to work (and thrive)


Lorna’s work is a mix of typography, collage and art. The exhibition is entitled LADIES OF LETTERS and for it Lorna has created a piece of art for every letter of the alphabet. Each collage is inspired by a letter driven sentence; G is for Garden Delights, Z is for Zipper Trials, S is for Skyscraper Sirens and K is for Kitty Capers etc etc


The work has a deliciously dark and saucy side to it which I adore, double entendres and flippant comments which depending on the way your mind works you could interpret 1 of two ways…. “I’m here to trim your bush”, “right miss, let me take down your vital statistics”, “my dear you have a pair of fine nibs””…. And so forth! 


Each piece has been created on the inner page of an old book with layers of paper and images pieced together to create the final outcome! I spent a lot of time, nose pressed nearly to the glass spotting all the tiny details… They really are sensational!!



The show is on till the end of the month, so if you’ve not had a chance to visit it, you really must. Lorna is also selling the artwork. Framed originals for £145 and prints for £35. I’m definitely adding them to my Christmas list!! 


To see more of Lornas work check out her beautiful website or Facebook page. If you want directions to The Kings Ship here’s their website too! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!