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  I began this post in Rotterdam, continued it at the airport between flights and then ignored it for about a month…Today I’m on a late shift at work so at 9.59am I’m sat in bed and am going to finish this post!

You already know (check out going Dutch pt 1 post if you don’t) that the main reason for our trip to rotterdam was to watch M&M get married… In total we stayed for 5 days though so had some time to explore too.

Apart from a weekend a few years back with the girls to the Dutch/coffee shop capital, I nave never explored much of the Netherlands before… But Rotterdam is lovely, a somewhat ‘odd’ little place, but I like it…

It’s all incredibly new and modern (the city was flattened in WW2) and because of this little ‘old’ architecture remains. It’s also very tidy and quiet. Only when we visited the new arched market hall did we see crowds of people (we didn’t stay long) apart from that there really wasn’t a lot of people about… Which seemed odd to me.

Unfortunately during our stay it was a bit cold and wet…. Which put a slight damper on the few days we had to explore…  I’m sure with the sunshine it would be even lovelier.

I mentioned this in my first post but I’ll reiterate that the roads in Rotterdam are utter confusion (only drive if you’re a confident driver and don’t offer to navigate or even attempt to drive innercity without help from a sat nav or similar life saver!) 


 The Saturday morning, after the weddin, we dragged our foggy and dehydrated heads out of bed and met Pieter for a day exploring the city and all it has to offer. We checked out the (above mentioned busy) ultra modern arched market hall, the infamous cubed tree houses (these were cool), strolled round modern industrial harbours as well as the ‘old one’. Lunch was a cutesy cafe, dinner was at the amazing Z&M Restaurant where we had a wonderful evening and I had the best steak of my life. 






 Walking around all day you can’t help but notice the architecture of the city, it’s like an year 3 architecture students playground… I guess where they had to ‘start a new’ they were able to let their imaginations run wild… But the “oldy worldy” me still much preferred the historical gems that were nestled amongst the skyscrapers and modern builds! 

   On Sunday we visited the new Mr & Mrs Berghout in their beautiful home which they are restoring from the bottom up. Lunch, chatter and a few hours later we wished the newly weds a happy honeymoon and left them to their packing. For the afternoon entertainment we headed up the Euromast. The tallest building in Rotterdam which offers stunning panoramic views of the city. Because the land is so flat the views go on and on for ever! After going up to the very top in the spinning viewing pod we retired to the brasserie and rewarded our blustery efforts with a cold beer/glass of prosecco. 

    On Monday we thought it would be fun to head to Amsterdam. After some time sussing out the best route we opted for a park and ride method which was actually quite simple (and cheap). Unfortunately the weather wasn’t so kind to us…. We took refuge in a charming retro shop (where I brought myself a wooly hat) and then further refuge in a beautiful cafe where hot glasses of mint tea were enjoyed with steaming bowls of soup! Perfection!


  After we’d warmed up, we ventured back out into the drizzle and cheered ourselves up with a visit to the sex museum (well, when in Amsterdam). After we’d had our fill (bad pun alert) we strolled through the red light district which was just warming up too, hopped on a canal bus tour then ended our day in a charming old bar, a few drinks and the Dutch staple of bitterballen with chips&mayo!?!





Our final day was just packing up and attempting to find the best pancakes possible… We failed miserably but all in all we like you Rotterdam! X