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This is my lovely friend Lou, Lou’s pretty darn fierce. 

She’s just launched the Portsmouth Firece Babes Network, and what a glorious thing it’s turned out to be…. In the first week alone the group (ran through the Facebook page) has gone from one member to a group membership somewhere in the hundreds…


The concept is pretty simple: unite a group of females, end girl on girl hating, promote action, acceptance and support for each other and celebrate fierceness….


Our first official meet took place in ‘Make‘, a wonderful crafty place which got everyone feeling relaxed and ‘at home’ right from the word go! The event began with lots of introductions to friends new and old, and then the lovely Lou took to the floor (chair) and gave a little speech… Her passion for the group and all it represents was evident and United this new grouping further more. The FBN, originally started in Leeds and since then other communities like ours have sprung up across the country…


The idea is simple, and that’s why it works… I feel that from a young age we’re programmed to treat other women with fear, it’s a bit like select your friends and that’s it, everyone else, be wary of. We as a sex are incredibly judgemental of our peers, quick to criticse and gossip, but why is that? The bringing together of a group of women is an interesting thing, both my friend Anna and I were a bit dubious going, would it work. would it be awkward seeing someone who you knew there was history with etc etc?!? But honestly, the group and evening on the whole was so welcoming and accepting it made me smile!! Other members who have openly discussed their anxiety and Mental heath issues posted thanks to the group later in the evening for making them feel so welcome. And honestly you really felt this, if I noticed someone standing alone, who didn’t appear to know anyone, I made an effort to go say hello and get chatting, and I wasn’t the only one. It really felt like everyone made an effort to ensure everyone was included.


This post has got my train of thought going…. If we could only start reprogramming girls from a younger age to be kinder to one another wouldn’t the world be a nicer place to be? Also another thing that I can see happening, not only in the group, but in society in general is a movement to be kinder and more accepting, to one another, and more importantly, to ourselves….. 

How many times have we been told through the media that we’re not pretty enough, not thin enough, not rich enough, or simply not good enough…. Articles in their hundreds advising us how to contour ourselves skinnier, or how to get the perfect bikini body….. Well I’ve noticed a real flip recently and it’s so encouraging…. Who really cares how you dress or cut your hair? Why is it anyone’s business?


A simple message to be kind to yourself, to stop pegging yourself against others (and more importantly an unrealistic image of what the perfect woman should be)… It’s all bullshit, you are a perfect woman regardless of your size, skintone, weight, sexuality, religion. You are strong, beautiful and fierce. I’ve always believed that the more you believe this the more it’ll come to be…


Anyway back to the topic in hand, The rest of the evening, which involved refreshments and a bit of vagina themed crafting (why the hell not) left me feeling good about myself and this new community of women which is proving to be so incredibly kind and supportive of its members…. 


I am looking forward to future FBN meets which promise to include pie restaurant takeovers, rounders matches, cinema on mass trips, picnic dates, dog walks and disco nights….


If you want to find out more about the idea and the original group you can follow the FBN Leeds Tumblr site, if you’re a Portsmouth lady who would like to join our group, here’s the page

I think this is such a good thing and the more groups like this that spring up the better. The larger percentage of the female society which we unite together the better, we are so much stronger when we stand side by side then when we’re bitching behind each other’s backs. 

So here’s to all you fierce babes out there, those I know, those I’ve just met, and those whom I’m yet to meet… X