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So… It may have come to your attention that I’ve attended a wedding or two recently… Now anyone who knows me knows I love a good wedding…. and a big part of that is choosing an outfit, and a big part of the wedding outfit is a fabulous hat!!

I enjoy wearing hats, its something we don’t really do much, so when the opportunity presents itself, I think we should grasp it with both hands!

Whilst browsing for appropriate hats I really started appreciating the fine art of millenary… so without further adieu, here’s my Lotales 10 Most Wanted Hat special…

10wanted hatsone | red shantung disc. two | felt cocktail hat with bow. three | ribbon twist fascinator. four | black slim bow disk. five | yellow beret with bow. six | straw saucer headpiece. seven | felt beret with feathers. eight | large saucer with loops. nine | ruby felt percher with rose and feathers. ten | square cocktail hat with silk twist.

All items were in stock and links correct at time of post.

Please feel free to share any of your favourite hat stores with me!