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Continuing on with my wedding season series of blog posts and I can finally talk about my beautiful best friend; the brand new Mrs Lindsay Mathis DeBohan and her glorious hen dos!!!!

The wedding (and I’ll do a post on this soon) was sensational, and believe me when I say this special lady deserves only the best, so here goes: two hen do’s….

DSCF8872 DSCF8874

Together with Lindsay’s collection of beautiful bridesmaids a fabulous foreign affair of a do was organised, I’ll get to that in a bit…

Chloe and I offered to organise a local do for all the family and girls that couldn’t attend the main do. Now I’ll put this out there now; it was all a little last minute, haha…. With just over a week to go we were given a list of names and a rough idea of a plan from our laid back bride-to-be….


List in hand, and mobile in the other I started calling round venues to see if anywhere could squeeze in a party of 20ish for the following saturday night, many said no, but luckily one of my local favourites, Sant Yago (where I had my 30th coincidentally) said they could squeeze us in! Hurrah… So a plan began to take shape….

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We kept things simple and asked all the chicks to wear black and the bride-to-be; white. Red lips were a must all round and this simple ‘theme’ meant all could take part with little effort/cost but all looked and felt fantastic!


We all know Do’s can get pricey so we were determined to keep things as cheap as possible so no one felt excluded. We asked everyone for a set amount up front, Sant Yago offered us a glorious 7-part tapas selection which was absolutely scrumptious and in addition to this we purchased couple of bottles of prosecco for the table and used the leftover kitty to sort the goody bags and decorate the tables to make it as special as possible.


There was lots of hand made touches and I think this is what people really appreciated… It meant no more money, admittedly quite a bit more time, but the results were lovely and went down a treat! I must admit, I was in geeky organising heaven, creating invites and everything to match!


Chloe and I came up with lots of cute ideas for the goody bags (thank goodness for pinterest)… We used the bags as place settings/hastag details and included champagne bubbles, gold striped straws, jelly heart sweets, a ‘single ladies’ ring, a red lippy (to paint the town red), a paper rose hair clip and some key to happiness cards…

10897810_10155538140390302_4115804217911873913_n DSCF8876

Of course we made sure the Bride had the best goody bag so a few extra special items were included to up the ‘sauciness’ and ‘wedding’ factors (aka some red sequinned nipple tassels, must have willy whistle, ‘L’ Plates, a garter and a veil…. well it was a hen do!)


During the evening we all played a few games; organised by us and also the Mother of the Bride. These were great ice breakers and ‘getting to know you’ type games which were really fun… A saucy pass the parcel and impromptu ‘Like a Virgin’ sing-a-long!!

11205974_10155538142335302_2167037375014013510_n 11233788_10155538146340302_8091224882218431099_n

The food was consumed, lots of cocktails enjoyed and laughs had…. The night ended up in the classic hen do destination of POP World…. which couldnt be more perfect; cheesy pop and cheap drinks…. We danced into the wee hours of the morning, and left shoes in hand with a happy tipsy hen! Job done!!


The Hen Do (part 2) was equally as fun, a group of 10 of us packed our bags and headed to Spain for a weekend of (unexpected) sun and glitter…. lots and lots of glitter!

11406506_10155661722070302_4531704223548384688_n 22803_10155661723010302_1441231228697500820_n 11391326_10155661722555302_76860952542663282_n 11350419_10155661722720302_877719309342585874_n

The destination was Santander, which I confess I knew little about, but actually, it blew me away…. The apartment was nestled into what could only be described as ‘a ‘volvic’ landscape! Rolling hills and mountains with a farm just below us, it was stunning a not at all what I’d normally associate with Spain.


Glitter was the inspiration for the first night out so after a beautiful day lounging in the sun/hot tub in a glitter, photo and colourful decorated luxury suite we donned our sequinned best, covered our faces with sparkles and headed out to the bemused Santander town (turns out Santander doesn’t really do ‘big nights out or dressing up)

1907538_10155661724310302_4733848192662981292_n11392846_10155661724725302_1213850586737944029_n11377270_10155661726075302_2587835008519315618_n11406910_10155661726415302_6046723466638549009_n 11391168_10155661726795302_6574406451140784548_n 11425124_10155661727345302_946533649000157100_n 11401013_10155661727630302_5617214746324031005_n

After a traditional tapas all squished into a tiny bar, we headed to the square for a drink and then went on to locate the only nightclub this tiny town seemed to house! The rest of the evening was a whirl of dancing, huge cocktails, ace of base singalongs and reflecting the discotheque lights from our sequinned outfits.

11393007_10155661728345302_5329192903879219301_n 11108855_10155661729625302_3714516885626113081_n 11390121_10155661728460302_4534590750192156262_n

I should also mention now that I also made Lindsay one of my Hen Party Books (which I also made for Anna last year) This was an utter labour of love and I think may be my best yet! Page upon page of photos, games, memories and fun to be had… I photographed all the pages so I will post these all in a separate post for those that are interested!)


Our second day was spent enjoying the hot tub and the in house spa with a few drinks…..

11377270_10155661730265302_6811990498405854955_n 11391470_10155661731005302_4796170357129699406_n 11407117_10155661730690302_1763136264040164746_n

Later in the afternoon we headed out to the beautiful Santander. It really is a beautiful town, we took our time strolling round the sweet streets with an icecream and enjoying a bottle or two of wine over looking the beautiful sea. As it was our last night we were determined to find somewhere special…Luckily we discovered the most incredible restaurant which was amazing! if you ever find yourself in Santander you must visit Bodega Cigalena, I promise you wont be disappointed!!

photo 1 photo 3 photo 5 photo 3 photo 2

This was the perfect end to a beautiful ‘do’ celebrating my beautiful best friends last days as a Miss! Everything about this place, the decor, the staff, the food was just perfect!! After food was finished with we decided to head back to the apartment to enjoy the rest of the booze and the hot tub!

11252346_10155661732040302_3765820707799363392_n 11424443_10155661731590302_2747610076626145495_n 11401468_10155661731255302_6493096861363562969_n

Now I ask you to picture the scene, 1 balcony, with 1 hot tub designed for 4…. add those 4 girls, a heart shaped dish of vodka jelly and a makeshift bar… then add 6 more girls…. you get the picture, it was like drunk hen soup and it was oh so funny…. little did we know that the real laughs would come when people started getting out…. a sudden drop in the water level and the remaining chicks (myself included) we suddenly blasted with huge jets of water…. I still giggle when I think of it, it was without a doubt the funniest moment which I will treasure forever!!!

11391746_10155661733250302_8734615867820648336_n 11329860_10155661733310302_3494831586296762736_n

The morning after saw 10 slightly pink girls head home with glitter still in their hair and all very much excited for the big day! Cheers to you Mrs DeBohan… what fun we had! ❤