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So last week I brought the most beautiful dress from Primark. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve gotta bit of thing for elephants… don’t ask me why but I just kind of love them, so this dress ( a black and white printed smock dress (no.2) ) was an instant love, the kind of ‘new buy’ that you change into the moment you get home!!

I love it so much that it’s inspired a whole elephant themed 10 Most Wanted!!! I do hope you like…..

10wanted elephantone | gold choker. two | printed smock dress. three | smart elephant cushion. four | cardboard elephant trophy head. five | matches. six | vintage brass elephant. seven | david hunt tantor lamp. eight | asos bikini. nine | gold candle. ten | jade bead charm bracelet.

NB. All links were correct and items available at time of post!