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I’ve recently been trying to make a real effort with my social medial linking to the blog, so here goes the shameless plugging!

Facebook – I’ve literally just launched a Facebook page so I’d really appreciate it if you all gave me a ‘like’.

Pinterest – Pinterest is probably my biggest time waster… I’m not entirely keen with the changes they’d made to the timeline recently, but I still love it. I get all pedantic about my boards and categorising them! I’ve also just reached the 1K followers mark so I’m all proud like!

Instagram – This is probably my second biggest time-waster, I follow all my favourite blogs through instagram, if you do too, and fancy keeping up to date with my adventures, follow me there too!

Twitter – Im gonna be honest, I’m a bit rubbish at Twitter, but I’m trying to post more, so you can check me out there too!!

So there you go…… If you like my rambling words and the shenanigans I share… now you can do so on many platforms!!