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A little while back I got to spend a glorious and precious day at the Beach with nearly all of the family…. It seems a rarity that we’re all free at the same time so these days become more and more special.

It also had an extra special feel to it as it was my beautiful niece’s first trip to the seaside, and I think it’s safe to say it was a huge hit!!


We are blessed living where we do, my house is literally a 4 minute walk to the sea where a long stretch of pebbly beach awaits you… sometimes though… you need a bit of sand, so for this beach day we ventured slightly further along to coast to the beautiful sandy shores of The Witterings.

DSCF1551 DSCF1562

There, and I had to chuckle to myself, we enjoyed a typically British day at the beach, it was overcast, not that warm and we had a picnic in front of a row of pretty beach huts!


Of course the centre of attention was my darling niece Lilly who, in her bright pink swimsuit and little Buddha belly joyfully squealed and giggled her way through the whole experience!

DSCF1576 DSCF1584

To see her experience the sensation of sand between her toes for the first time was so very sweet and this fearless little lady took to the sea without any trepidation or worries, a born beach babe it seems!


We enjoyed a scrumptious picnic thanks to Mumma Lo, and when nap time came around we headed back to the homestead for a BBQ.

DSCF1639 DSCF1659 DSCF1664


What a perfect day, and boy-oh-boy do I love my little family!