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Today, today’s a special day. Today marks 3 years of being his ‘Miss’. Three years ago I remember sitting on the roof of his boat and him asking me to be his girl officially. It was without a doubt the best thing I ever said yes to.

I adore this kind man more then I can say. He makes me so very happy and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life being his girl. It’s hard to think of all the little things that make what we have so special, but maybe it’s the little things that matter the most.

The fact I can be myself with him and I know he loves me, that my insecuritues and habits add to his love rather then hinder it. I love how we talk of the future and have joint dreams and abitions.

It makes me so very happy that I know my friends and family adore him too, he’s a quiet soul, a thinker, a player of Lego and the cutest of lightweights. 

This man of mine makes things with his hands, likes to fill our home with old trinkets, has a thing for waistcoats and on special occasions asks me to do his hair. 

We giggle a lot, he still makes my heart swoon, we are silly and kind and cute with each other…. There is occasional bickering, and teasing and sulking, but it makes us who we are, two hotheaded star sighs (an Aires and a Scorpio) that actually balance each other out and never fight. 

So on this special day, whilst we’re off doing something fun, I will thank this beautiful bearded gentleman that I get to call my own and thank the lucky stars that fate crossed our two paths. 

He’s to another 365 days of being his ‘Miss Ami’ 

X always