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Once a year, every year, Palmeston Road in Southsea changes itself into a huge open air food court! The annual Southsea Food Festival is definitely a date for the diary!

Maxwell, I and out housemate Ed headed down there for a day of over indulgence and many a happy mouthful!

Plenty of Southsea’s independent eateries and drinking holes were represented in addition to farmers markets and other foody stalls!! We came up with a cuning plan to share everything so we could try more, Clever huh!?

From pizzas to paella, Thai to Jamaican, bread, cakes, pies, churros and chocolate…. I could go on forever, there really was something for everyone and as well as leaving with full tummies we left with bags of goodies to fill the fridge with!

I’ll let the photos do the talking and sorry in advance for making you hungry! I’ll also list at the end of some of the independent stalls at the end so you can check them out!

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Here’s to next year……