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A couple of weeks back I had the honour of being asked to be a god parent again.

That takes ‘my girl’s up to three and how very proud I am of them all, all so different, all such little characters who I adore. This time the lady of the day was the comic loving, funniest and clumsiest (not so) little lady Miss Juno Sheridan Hughes.

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I have known Tim, Juno’d dad since I was 17 and he remains a great friend of mine. One of those friends who you can not see for months, but when you meet up it feels like no time has passed at all!

I was honoured when Tim asked me, originally when the little lady was pretty new to this world, and again 4 years down the line.

Juno cracks me up, she has the funniest little laugh, she is the cutest comic book geek you’ve ever seen and occasionally comes out with the strangest phrases in a pretty accurate american accent!?!

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The day of the christening was chilled, family orientated and fun (with lots of cake which lets be honest, cake makes any good day great!) The best part for me was watching Juno run round with her christening candle telling people that she was going to ‘burn them with her fire nose’…. totally normal christening behaviour I’m sure you’ll agree!

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After the ceremony presents were opened: we opted for 2, one to enjoy now, Lego obviously, and a second to treasure forever, a charm bracelet which I will add to over the years for her. After the church the dress was ditched in exchange for some casual togs and to the pub we all headed for some sun and a few more cuddles!!

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So here’s to your future little lady… I look forward to sharing it with you and being there for you always! xoxo ps…. could she be any cuter??!?