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So my lover has a boat… and in the summer months weekends for the boy are dedicated to the boat…. if you like, you can call me a ‘weekend boat widow’…

So for the last couple of weekends, on days I have made no plans, and the boy is working on the boat, I’ve set aside a little ‘me time’…

At the end of my road is Canoe Lake… I have taken to spending a few hours down there, just chilling on my tod watching the world go by and listening to the sounds of summer. Into a bag I chuck a blanket, a bottle of water and a book and it’s the book I wanna talk to you about…


Lent to my by my fellow red-headed lady and bestest of friends Mrs Anna Zissou…

It really is a bit of a game changer this one…

Now, bear with me fainthearted ones and those of the male kind…. This book, it talks about periods… periods, blood, vagina’s, bleeding, hormones, yoga and well quite a bit more blood if I’m being honest…

If that’s really not your bag, you may just wanna agree to disagree with me on this but if you’re felling a little open minded or even just a little intrigued I urge you to bear with me….

20150808-185413.jpgNow, more then just blood, this book focuses on the feminine cycle and more importantly; the benefits of charting your cycle. I’ve never really given much thought to this before but it all really makes sense. Lisa, that author, who I happen to have met and is lovely BTW, really talks a lot of sense. Men are simple (sorry, don’t take that personally) they’re straight, linear. Women, well we’re not so much.

We all know that we go up and down, this book explains why that is…. we know in the week leading up to our bleed that we get a bit cranky… well what’s going on for the other 3 weeks each month? Those days when you’re feeling super inspired, super organised, super horny….. what if they’re not a fluke… what if they’re all to do with your cycle and what’s going on inside.

Lisa talks about the 4 quarters of your menstruation cycle, she compares them to the seasons and with each season we act, feel and need to be treated differently, buts also as with each season their are benefits and ‘powers’ that we can harness and use to our advantage!

All very impressive stuff! I wont go into too much detail as I think it’s one of those things you need to read to really get/read/take in on your own time! As part of the book Lisa provides you with an online link to download a ‘code red survival kit’… charting templates and other useful tools, videos and information.

20150808-185439.jpgI must admit, at times it felt a little repetitive to me, and there are things in there that just don’t float my boat but Lisa is beautifully unapologetic about it and get’s that this isn’t for everyone.

Before she talks about the seasons in detail, she also talks about the whole first period thing, and how that can affect you even today, was it celebrated? how did you feel? what advice were you given from a parent? how that impacts on you now…… it’s all very thought provoking and interesting.

I also read a chapter out loud to the boy (when he was back from working on his boat) this chapter was written by Lisa’s husband Rich (aka the hot viking). I enjoyed Rich’s input as it deepens the message that charting and journaling can not only help us gals out, but also help our long suffering men, those who can do nothing right some days, get pounced on others and basically not know who they’re gonna come home to….

I know I’m not that bad, my emotions are not really extreme, but I’m sure even the boy gets baffled some days as to  why I’m off “for no apparent reason” or why I’m crying over something silly, by charting (Lisa suggests a 3 month minimum) you should be able to notice and track trends in your cycle. day 9 could be your “I’m feeling really empowered and energised and I’m gonna clean the house from top to toe day”, day 16 could be your “Saucy text to the boy/Come home early from work day/spend the day in bed day” if you know what I mean…

By sharing your findings and what you predict you could be feeling one day from the next surely everyone’s life gets a little easier… sure on day 2 you may still want to bite the head of any other living creature but least you know why and know you’re not going crazy!

20150808-185451.jpgSo there you have it…. I’ll stop there and let you take a look and have a read for yourself.

You can buy the book here, find out more about Lisa here and just have a good old mooch around here.