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I’ve mentioned before about the FBN that I’m part of, You can read about it here if you missed the first post….


Well we had ourselves a little shindig the other week, a spangly, sequinny, sparkly evening of sorts…. yep, a room full of 20-30something ladies all pretending to be mermaids!!!!!!!

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Now, lets not our kid ourselves…. we all have a bit of a fascination with these mystical ladies of the deep, Not that I’m saying that I dye my hair red to be like Ariel or anything, it’s just a coincidence I assure you, but still the fact is there, I do have mermaid colour hair and I’m all good with that!!!

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So on a average Wednesday evening babes from across Portsmouth were donning their most spangliest outfit and covering their faces in glitter…. obviously.

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An all girl night, with guilty pleasure music and girly raffle prizes and it was all for a good cause too!


The night was raising money for the appropriately named Mermaids Charity.

Mermaids is a support group (originally formed in 1995) for children and young children with longstanding Gender Identity Issues. The charity supports the difficulties and trauma that gender issues commonly bring to families. Over the years Mermaids has built up alliances with other organisations across the UK, and in some cases internationally, to try to support, educate, and alleviate suffering.

It really is a brilliant worthy cause, and I personally couldn’t think of a better reason to get the glitter out on a wednesday evening. I’m really proud to share that we raised £200 for the charity that evening. If you’d like to donate, you can do so here.

11900083_10155949910305302_6248462504100530498_n 11904704_10155949910080302_3417695069021085450_nI’m happy to report, a fantastic night was had by all. We ended the evening in the only suitable way possible, by dancing and singing the night away in the local gay club beneath 2 giant silver mermaids…. it was meant to be! Cant wait till next time!