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As it’s rainy and cold out there and it seems summer is officially over, I’m looking back at some summer fun!!!!

So, let me start with this…. I bloody love Dolly Parton…. There I said it! No shame… I think she’s awesome!!

I also love Southsea where I live, Southsea is fab, especially in the summer, and the bandstand is part of what makes it special. From May – August the bandstand runs every Saturday and Sunday (weather dependent) for free!

It’s really pretty special. Now considering how much sun we had this year I only made it down there once!!! ONCE!! shocking right….?? Having said that, I think it’s ok, as the one day I did make it down it was country music day…. oh and DOLLY PARTON (tribute) was playing!!!!

My geeky country loving self was a tad excited (especially as it was a fluke and we didn’t know till we got there!!)

So here’s some snaps I snapped of the the day!!! what fun!!!