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So… I made this a year or so ago when funds were low but Christmas was approaching… In the run up to Christmas I thought it would be fun to share with you in case you are feeling crafty and want to make some handmade presents this year.

Now this isn’t my idea, I saw something similar on Pinterest and thought it looked really cute… so here goes!

You’ll need:

*Lots of sheets of coloured paper/thin card between square if possible (about 15-20cm sq ish…. no precise measurements here)

*A hot glue gun (and lots of glue sticks)

*reels of Double sided tape

*A square blank canvas


20150916-100918.jpgTo start with you wanna make a load of cones by rolling up your paper/card. You can secure at the small end with sellotape as you wont see them. Once you have a big old pile you can start stage 2!

20150916-100933.jpgYou wanna arrange your cones in a big circle on the canvas (again, just do it by eye, I don’t think you have to be super precise!) once you’re happy with the size start gluing them down!

20150916-100945.jpgOnce the first layer is in place you can then add the second and put these in the gaps between the first layer of cones…. secure with the hot glue gun as you go!

20150916-101000.jpgKeep repeating the process as the circle closes in and you start getting a real flower shape! When you approach the middle you’ll need to make smaller cones to fit (just start with a smaller square of paper/card) When I go the real inner middle part, I didn’t follow a pattern, I just kind on squished them in where there was space!

20150916-101028.jpgAnd there you have it! A really simple, effective and fun gift to give someone. I chose teal as it was a colour used in their lounge so i knew it would tie in!

20150916-101053.jpgSo I hope you enjoyed that little tutorial! super simple but looks fab! Happy Crafting!