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Last year I made my love a handmade Lego calendar. Anyone that knows Maxwell knows that he’s a grown up kid and loves Lego! Like really loves it!!!

I had seen the official Lego calendars and whilst they were cool, I thought I could create something even better and super special for him….. Here’s what you’ll need…

*A Lego Kit

*Lots of small chocolate treats



*twine or string

*a pen

*small envelopes

*mini pegs

*stickers (optional)

*little tags (optional)

And here’s how I did it…

Stage 1, buy a load of little envelopes (I found mine at Hobbycraft) Make sure theres enough in the pack to last the whole month!

20150916-100354.jpgI also brought some little tags and stickers to make mine super fancy!! again from Hobby craft!

20150916-100407.jpgNext you wanna buy a reasonably small Lego kit. I picked mine up from Tesco and got one of the kits where you can make 3 models from one kit!

20150916-100421.jpgYou’re also gonna wanna buy lots of chocolate/sweets/candy etc… (make sure they’re small enough to fit in the envelopes you’ve brought!!)

20150916-100432.jpgThen you wanna tip out all the lego bits and grab your instruction manual!

20150916-100449.jpgOther handy tools  ( a hole punch and a pen! )

20150916-100502.jpgNow this is the bit that took some concentrating, go through and find all the bits for each one of the steps

20150916-100516.jpgYou’re then going to have to allocate one steps worth of lego per envelope… (you following?)

20150916-100542.jpgYou may find, as I did that there are more steps then days in December, if this is the case combine 2 steps together, especially steps that only have 2 or 3 bits….

20150916-100555.jpgI really do recommend laying them out like this…. it saves any possible mistakes….

20150916-100607.jpgYou may also want to enlist the help of little brothers to check you’ve got it all right!!!

20150916-100630.jpgOnce the lego is sorted you can divide out the treats….

20150916-100642.jpgEating any leftovers as a reward for being awesome obviously!! Then you’re gonna to want to stuff your envelopes with the lego/chocolate treats and seal them up!

20150916-100655.jpgDONT FORGET TO KEEP THEM IN ORDER!!!!!!! (You’ll thank me for those capitals I promise!)

Now for some reason the rest of my photos didn’t load correctly so you’ll just have to imagine…

Once all the envelopes are sealed (with optional stickers) you will want to punch a little hole in the top corner and tie on a little tag with the day on the month on (again, this is where your super organised self will be feeling super smug) if you don’t have/didnt get tags, just write the number on the envelope!

Then just grab a length of twine and peg (using tiny mini pegs) the envelopes on. (i did it in a random order for added rummaging fun!)

And you’re done!

I pinned ours to to back of our bedroom door….. and there you have it, obviously you can mix it up and change things to suit your preferences, this is just what I did, and let me tell you, It went down a storm, huge girlfriend brownie points for Ami!

20150916-100809.jpgHappy Making and feel free to share links to any advent calendars you make, I’d love to see!