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Hey all…

So it may be 8am on a Friday morning and I’m sat in bed, listening to Christmas songs and being all indulgent with a little bit of blog catch up time!

Crappy internet, too many things to do and an awe-inspiring to-do list have taken over things a little if I’m being honest. But…. I’m getting there (3 things were ticked off yesterday I’d like to brag) so before 9am I figure is fair game….

Last post I mentioned I went on a weaving course…. well I did and I loved it (You’re all getting weavings from now on I’m afraid)

Alice was so very lovely (and patient I might add) she fully indulged my totally over confident design without trace of a snigger or ‘yeah right’ and was calm and helpful to boot when attempting a triangular design…

We were based upstairs in Make, nestled into snuggly sofas and battered old arm chairs and with an intimate group of just 4 it was a lovely was to spend a rainy day….

A few hours in and I’d abandoned my over ambitious design in exchange for a simple and finished weave and I was hooked…. justifying £30 on expensive yarns…. no problem! ha!

So… I snapped a few pics and my finished weave is hanging above my bed, looking oh-so-imperfect-and-fine!

I’ve already started no.2…. I think I’m hooked……

DSCF7175 DSCF7176 DSCF7178 DSCF7177 DSCF7180 DSCF7179 DSCF7181 DSCF7184 DSCF7183 DSCF7185 DSCF7187 DSCF7186 DSCF7188 DSCF7190 DSCF7189 DSCF7191 DSCF7192 DSCF7193 DSCF7194 DSCF7195And the finished thing….