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Last month Maxwell and I headed up north a bit to spend a few days with my bro, sis-in-law and beautiful niece… One day we decided to head to Tring and their Natural History Museum…. Now in my head I was envisioning something along the lines of the Portsmouth NHM (think paper-mache dinosaurs) so imagine my surprise when the museum turned out to be AMAZING! Like one of the largest private natural history collections ever assembled Amamzing!!

He’s a bit about the Museum and it’s creator Lionel Walter Rothschild. LWR was a rich, eccentric and determined character who dedicated his life to the study of animals. His private collection formed the foundation of the Museum at Tring.

At the age of seven, Walter – as he preferred to be called – declared to his parents that he was going to ‘make a museum’, and began to establish himself as a collector.

By the age of 10, he had amassed a collection of specimens including beetles, butterflies, birds, fish and mammals. At 18 he moved to Cambridge to study natural sciences, and for his 21st birthday his father gave him money and land to build the museum Walter had first declared would be his some 14 years earlier.

In 1892, at 24 years old, Walter opened his museum to the public. It remains one of the largest private natural history collections ever assembled.

Walter employed dozens of collectors who travelled the world to bring back new specimens for display and research, and live animals for study and breeding. He was particularly fascinated by cassowaries and giant tortoises, and even trained zebras to draw his carriage.

Following Walter’s death in 1937, the building and collection were gifted to the nation and became part of the Natural History Museum.

Today it retains its unique Victorian character, including its original floor-to-ceiling, glass-fronted hardwood and iron cases. The 4,000 specimens on public display are still arranged in taxonomic order, classified into related groups, just as they were in Walter’s lifetime. Find out more here, if you’re ever in the area you must visit!

Here’s some serious snaps I took of the collection…..

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And here’s some hilarious shots of took of bad taxidermy faces….

12249598_10156341545310302_776324972601185206_n 12348147_10156341544415302_6218382002187555788_n 12342357_10156341544445302_7295641992015146474_n 12359963_10156341545260302_8373628821331065072_n 12376467_10156341545220302_8054630389476103009_n 11046254_10156341544250302_5506217976836757104_n 12347953_10156341544745302_3697701568576198658_n 12373350_10156341544120302_924410120133057036_n

You’re welcome! hahahahaha