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I’m getting all reminiscent here…. Back in the summer, on a beautiful day in June, 2 of my favourites said their ‘I do’s’ and became husband and wife…

I’ve only just realised I never got round to sharing their special day with you….(I am traditionally late with my posts so obviously no exception here!)

Anyway… it was worth the wait trust me…. So these two are two of the best and their day was perfect, literally perfect, everything from the weather to the quintessentially british tiny village church perched atop a hill, to the brides hair, the mismatched boys attire…. Ooosh….. It really was a goodun!

The day (as with most great days) seemed to wizz by but I snapped a few of their sunshine filled colourful day of love and fun…

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lets do it all again shall we….?