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Ok… So you may or may not have noticed from my last blog post, but for two weeks over Christmas and New Year we have said goodbye to lovely Southsea, left our festive home in the good hands of our housemate and relocated to a somewhat sunnier Orlando…

I thought it would be fun to document our day-to-day adventures and share with you all what we got up to… There are 5 in our party, in addition to my love, his sister and 2 kids have joined us for the holiday of a life time in Orlando…

Whilst it’s never the kind of place I would have chosen myself to go to as a holiday destination, you cant help but fall in love with it here…. And anyone who adores Christmas like I do can only appreciate the over-the-top(ness) the Americans apply to all things, the festive season included….

So here goes, my first of 14 post summarising our shenanigans. (warnings, 1.these will be photo heavy posts so if you’re looking for a light read, you may wanna turn away now!! 2. expect lots of cheesy grins and all american traditions (no judgements… we brought twinkies!!)

So…. our adventure begins with an early morning flight from Heathrow to New York, I should also point out that it was the kids (as i shall affectionately call them) have never flown before, so even more excitement…

The first half of our journey went utterly smoothly and boarding behind the legend that is Stephen Fry only added to our pre holiday gigginess!


After a somewhat bumpy ride into JFK things went downhill a little… We waited at the back of the worlds longest queue to get through immigration (hello 2.5hrs) and whilst this was good practice for Disney queues it did add a little stress to our 3hr time slot between flights…. Once we finally cleared customs we did the comical running for the gate and getting on just as they shut the plane doors movie montage (hello home alone 2)


Safely settled on flight number two and we were able to chill for another few hours…

Once we landed in Orlando unfortunately the trouble followed us…. A minor cock up from the Travel agency had us attempting to collect our keys from the wrong company, the second location was then also wrong (they’d recently moved) and then we couldnt find the third… all of this on very little sleep and everyone feeling a little poorly….

Fret not, a happy ending awaits, eventually after the correct keys were found, we finally located our home and opened the doors on our all American Home.

DSCF7746 DSCF7749 DSCF7742

Excitedly running round the house claiming bedrooms and appreciating the facilities everyone settled in for the night, exhausted but finally ‘on holiday’.

The next morning was a lazy one, after reporting back to the estate agent and signing some forms we did our first American must do activity and headed to Walmart to stock up on food and cliche American food sorts (hello Reeces everything)


We left (two trollies loaded high) and were treated to a message from God in the skies (as you do) we then headed home and had some lunch and chill time sat outside by the pool (not bragging but kind of nice)….

For our first evening we headed to Disney and my excited inner kid was let loose…

DSCF7757 DSCF7767 DSCF7770 DSCF7775DSCF7760

I’m not gonna lie, you’d be hard pressed to not succumb to the magic of it all! Especially at Christmas, also, everyones just so stinking happy, it’s blooming lovely!!

DSCF7779 DSCF7794 DSCF7803DSCF7827

We boarded a boat and set sail to the Magic Kingdom… Once there we did a few rides (haunted house, its a small world and peter pan ride) caught the end of the fireworks, grabbed some fries and watched the evening parade… wow!

DSCF7838 DSCF7848 DSCF7858 DSCF7888 DSCF7876 DSCF7873 DSCF7880 DSCF7861DSCF7863

Then home to bed for 5 jet-lagged (but oh-so-happy) brits!

DSCF7907So there you have it, first day done, and what a day it was!!! x