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For our third day, with the florida sun at it’s best we headed to the park I was most looking forward to; Animal Kingdom…

DSCF8128 DSCF8126

I love a good zoo so I knew I would love this place… What I wasn’t expecting  was the different worlds and just how much attention to detail Disney think about including to fully immerse you into the world they are creating… We spent most of our time between Asia and Africa and I was in heaven.

DSCF8131 DSCF8132 DSCF8136 DSCF8145

As you stroll around the park through caves and over rickety bridges you find yourselves drawn towards the awesome Tree of Life; carved animals and creatures cover the huge trunk and it stands proud and tall in the centre of the park.


The first thing we did was join the queue for the Kilimanjaro Safari…. and it was brilliant! The driver/tour guide took you round different continents, pointing out the native animals or that area… Rhinos, antelopes, lions, giraffes, alligators and most importantly…. elephants. I think I have a bit of an affinity for elephants and got a little bit teary when I saw these beautiful gentle giants so close… incredible!! If it weren’t for the queue I would have gone round again and again!!

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After the Safari we headed on to do the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail; a guided walk which leads you round the forest encountering various birds, insects and animals on route.

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The thing that took my breath away most was whilst I was watching a million little fish in a huge tank when what should swim past but a huge hippo…. you should have heard me squeal like a little child! The ginormous creature (which is surprisingly graceful underwater) did a few laps of the pool before slowly emerging out of the water and having a little snooze! It was incredible and so amazing to see so close!!

DSCF8250 DSCF8265 DSCF8273

After the Hippos it was on to see the Gorilla enclosure, once the huge male silverback was done with the food we were entertained by three females and 2 babies joining us for some frolics! So cute and again so close.

DSCF8311 DSCF8295 DSCF8349

After a break for some lunch we explored some more then joined the queue for the Kali River Rapids (I only got a little drenched ha) then the Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden mountain. Both rides were awesome although the Everest rollercoaster was a little much for some… we on the other hand squealed all the way round (and round and round and up and down)

DSCF8404 DSCF8396 DSCF8407 DSCF8403

As the day drew to a close we squeezed in two more things… We burrowed under the tree of life and watched the ‘Its tough to be a Bug’ 3D show and then went on to watch the Festival of the Lion King a all singing all dancing show which was brilliant!

DSCF8146 DSCF8424 DSCF8429 DSCF8468 DSCF8453

There were a few things we ran out of time to do so with plans to return tomorrow we headed home via a taco bell and hit the sheets happy but exhausted!