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For our 4th day of fun we returned to the Animal Kingdom… We didn’t manage to get everything done we wanted to do yesterday so after an early start we returned and the first thing we did was head to ‘Dinoland USA’ and go on a journey back in time to see some dinosaurs…..as you do… This was a fun kid friendly rollercoaster with various prehistoric friends popping out to say hello along the way!


Then after a stroll across the park and back into Asia we went on a Maharajah Jungle Trek, another self guided tour. Similar to yesterdays trek we encountered many a beast along the way starting with a beautiful huge komodo dragon….

DSCF8582 DSCF8496

…then it was on to a cool reptile house and some giant bats (they were cool/creepy looking things!)…


DSCF8501 DSCF8529 DSCF8514

….a huge aviary full of very beautiful and exotic birds (that made the humble pigeon look a little pathetic in comparison)….

DSCF8560 DSCF8573 DSCF8569

…and two gorgeous tigers… unfortunately for me/you I was looking the other way when one yawned/roared… doh!

DSCF8583 DSCF8536 DSCF8544

As lunch time approached we returned to Africa (enjoying some music on route) and all had an amazing lunch in the Harambe Market… My african style ribs with chickpea and tomato salad/carrot/papaya salad was seriously good!!

DSCF8558 DSCF8556

DSCF8602 DSCF8603 DSCF8588Tummies full we crossed back across the park again to watch ‘Finding Nemo, the Musical’, a 40-minute condensed musical stage show of the film featuring huge stunning puppets… this was really fun and appealed to the big kid in us all!


Then it was time to say good by to Animal Kingdom… even now 8 days into the holiday probably one of my favourite parks….

DSCF8605 DSCF8479 DSCF8491 DSCF8481 DSCF8606 DSCF8478We spent the remainder of our day indulging Jasper’s love of Star Wars… We headed to Downtown Disney and watched the film (which I actually enjoyed) in 3D in the cinema there… Afterwards we spent a bit of time strolling the various shops and restaurants and I was looking forward to returning at a later date already…

DSCF8610 DSCF8612 DSCF8611

Look at his happy little face! so that was day 4…done!