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Our 5th day was dedicated to Epcot…. After chatting to two of my besties both of whom raved about Epcot and the ’round the world’ experience I was excited to see for myself and travel the world in one day…. As we approached the giant ball that marks the entrance to the park Micky and Minnie greeted us.

DSCF8629 DSCF8633

We skipped the rides section at the front and headed towards the lake at the back of the park! The layout sees the multiple countries surrounding the edge of a lake, it’s all pretty impressive!! We hopped straight on a boat and crossed the lake from Mexico to Germany.

DSCF8641 DSCF8643 DSCF8645 DSCF8646 DSCF8649 DSCF8650 DSCF8651 DSCF8652 DSCF8654From Glass blown baubles to carved wooden cuckoo clocks we strolled round the shops and soaked in the Deutschland vibes…

DSCF8659 DSCF8660 DSCF8661 DSCF8665From there it was on to Italy, the attention to detail and the way everything around you embodies its country of origin is brilliant, I was instantly transported back to my holiday in Verona. The boys of course enjoyed a slice of pizza then it was time to continue our whistlestop tour of the world according to Epcot.

DSCF8668 DSCF8670 DSCF8672 DSCF8673 DSCF8676 DSCF8677 DSCF8680As we continued our path round the lake our next destination was China. We enjoyed a 360 cinematic show about the history of the country, then grabbed some egg rolls, a beer and checked out the warrior tombs and the amazing terracotta army!

We made a short stop in Norway (sorry Norway, you weren’t as exciting and I was eager to get back to Mexico!)

DSCF8681 DSCF8683 DSCF8684 DSCF8685 DSCF8688We still managed to dress Maxwell up as a Viking and pose with a troll so it’s not all bad!!

Finally we returned to Mexico….

DSCF8692 DSCF8693We began by climbing the steps of a huge ancient looking temple… once inside you were transported to a twilight evening market where stall holders sold tequila, sombreros and mexican craft items and gifts. I fell in love with a handwoven bag and made an indulgent purchase!

DSCF8694 DSCF8695 DSCF8724We also enjoyed the Gran Fiesta Tour starring the three Caballeros… Basically a boat ride hosted by Donald Duck and his Mexican feathered friends! Then it was time to grab some lunch and a margarita from La Catina de San Angel.

DSCF8706 DSCF8720DSCF8727Leaving Mexico as the sun began to set we boarded the other boat which took us to America. We watched the ‘American Adventure’ a show which celebrates (brags) about the history of America… it was all a little self indulgent for me and a tad boring, I may had momentarily nodded off! ha!

DSCF8745 DSCF8746 DSCF8748 DSCF8750We did see the big man and his lovely wife though and enjoyed the Candle lit Parade and choir/orchestra which played some traditional Christmas Carols which was really cute! All accompanied by a massive funnel cake and the worlds sweetest Root Beer (which according to the boy tasted of that pink mouthwash you get at the dentist) The funnel cake was devoured, the root beer discarded…

DSCF8753By the time we left America the giant Epcot ball was illuminated and looked pretty special across the lake…

DSCF8758 DSCF8762 DSCF8765Next stop was Japan in all it’s crazy over-the-topness…. The shops were crazy as were the incredibly enthusiastic staff….

DSCF8771 DSCF8774 DSCF8775 DSCF8778 DSCF8779 DSCF8782Moving on from Japan we ventured into Morocco and I was in heaven once again, bejewelled stalls, intricately carved decorations and beautiful tiles everywhere…. We strolled round the night markets and interlacing caves and tunnels of shops and restaurants. Its a real testament to the skills of the designers that they are able to utterly transport you to the country in question!

DSCF8785 DSCF8786 DSCF8788 DSCF8789 DSCF8793Next up was France and the quaint restaurants and stalls lining the riverbanks were spot on, you could even catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower between the patisseries and boutiques…

DSCF8795 DSCF8796 DSCF8798 DSCF8801 DSCF8802 DSCF8803Crossing the international gateway we travelled back to our homeland, albeit a far quainter and cheesier Uk….After sitting on the curb (not sidewalk) watching a british band play some british tunes we checked out the traditional shops selling Twinings Tea, books on the Royal family and hob nobs galore. We played a funny game of “guess how much they’re charging…” then stopped by a proper old english pub and grabbed some chips from the chippy before moving on to the last country of the day…

DSCF8804 DSCF8806 DSCF8807A brief visit to Canada marked the end of our tour and then it was time to enjoy the fireworks. I was told the fireworks at Epcot were good but by-golly, they were incredible!! Every time you thought that must be the finale they just went on, proved your wrong, and got bigger and better! Wow….

DSCF8824 DSCF8819 DSCF8840 DSCF8834 DSCF8828 DSCF8814 DSCF8896And there you have it, our Epcot day done and what a day it was!!

DSCF8910 DSCF8914