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Our 6th day of holiday was Christmas Eve so we began our day with a slight lie in and a trip to the main pool (ours wasn’t warm enough by this point) A swim, a cocktail and a bit of time with my book was a lovely way to begin Christmas Eve. After an hour or so we returned home, got ready, grabbed some lunch then we headed to Walmart to have a little Christmas Eve fun…


We decided to do a challenge, $15 per person, 1 hour and no conversing…. We had to see how inventive and clever we could be getting pressies for everyone… It was really fun, when ever we saw a member of our party we had to turn around and go the other way, it was all very silly and quite amusing dodging all the proper stressy christmas eve shoppers…

DSCF8921 DSCF8966

Once we were done, we secretly bundled our bags back into the car, returned home and hide them away from prying eyes.


After that we decided to return to Universal and complete ‘Islands of Adventure’…. We started out in the Marvel Super Hero Island and did the ‘Amazing Adventures of Spiderman’ ride, a 3D part simulator part rollercoaster ride which made you feel like you were being swung through the streets of downtown New York! 
DSCF8926DSCF8927DSCF8933After a few shop stops we moved onto Toon Lagoon and the fun really began…. The first ride we tried in this section was Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges…. I have never laughed so much or got quite so wet fully clothed…. It was a rapid kind of ride which saw us all in a huge circular raft twisting and turning our way around the unruly waters…. Huge waves washed in through the sides of the raft and as we dipped and dived under and through various water falls and jets we left chuckling like a bunch of naughty school kids!! haha… since we were already soaked we thought we might as well do the Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls log flume too…. this only added to the parts of us that miraculously remained dry….

DSCF8929 DSCF8937We then dried up a little and moved on to Jurassic Park… We enjoyed the Jurassic Park River Adventure and checked out the Discovery centre

DSCF8945 DSCF8938 DSCF8940 DSCF8942After that, because the park was so empty we snuck back into Hogwarts Castle and did the Harry Potter ride again… We then meandered our way back via The Lost Continent and Seuss Landing…

DSCF8951 DSCF8952 DSCF8954 DSCF8959 DSCF8963So there you go, a most unusual Christmas Eve but an utterly fun one non-the-less. We returned home at gone midnight and then all disappeared off to wrap our mystery gifts and place them under the miniature tree we brought at the beginning of the holiday ready for Christmas Day tomorrow!