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Day 10 and at this stage the holiday is flying by…

We did something a little different today and most of the party really appreciated it, I’m sure the kids would have initially preferred another day in the parks, but the adults needed a day off from queues and achey feet… and in the end everyone actually really enjoyed the experience and change of scenery!

The day began with the worlds biggest reeces cups (it took us 4 days and 5 people to finish them)

DSCF9671 DSCF9673

On recommendation from one of my bestest girlies we booked ourselves in for a day of Gator watching at Boggy Creek…

DSCF9677 DSCF9676 DSCF9678 DSCF9682DSCF9756We arrived at the (out in the middle of no where) place and booked ourselves onto a half hour tour… we were warned that seeing a gator wouldn’t be guaranteed as they’re more active during the night and it’s a pretty big lake but we were optimistic and excited as we headed out onto the water…

DSCF9688 DSCF9697 DSCF9698 DSCF9707 DSCF9709 DSCF9714 DSCF9718 DSCF9724Luckily we saw 2 whilst speeding round Lake Tohopekaliga, the biggest one was 10ft long!! it was pretty cool to get that close even if they weren’t that active!

Once our tour ended and our feet were back on solid ground we had the opportunity to meet Joe (the handler) and Luigi (the baby gator) Maxwell and I even got to have a hold… little Luigi was pretty darn cute I must admit!!

DSCF9754 DSCF9735 DSCF9737 DSCF9739 DSCF9745 DSCF9742 DSCF9747 After half a day of Boggy Creek fun we moved on to Hollywood Studios for an afternoon of film related fun (and more star wars)

DSCF9758 DSCF9761 DSCF9764 DSCF9765 DSCF9766 DSCF9770 DSCF9771Hollywood Studios visually is blooming lovely, styled in a candy coloured retro 1950’s way… I thought it was all very pretty and had idea that’s what awaited us!!

The first thing we did was enjoy a 3D Muppets show which was actually really funny…. Disney do these super inventive 3D/4D experiences and they’re really clever, surprising you with sights, sounds and yes, smells too! This one was no exception!

DSCF9773 DSCF9783After The Muppets we grabbed some food and then got to experience The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights… Just a little sparkly wouldn’t you say?!?

DSCF9784 DSCF9785 DSCF9788 DSCF9790

After the lights it was time to do the Star Wars thing again, first up ‘Star Tours’, a ‘thrilling 3D flight simulator’ which was really quite good, then ‘Path of the Jedi’, a short film about the film franchise and a stroll through an exhibition (I must admit by this stage I was a little Star Wars’d out…) So the boys said hey to Chewbacca and we moved on… (yay)…

DSCF9797 DSCF9868 DSCF9871 DSCF9875After that we got a little more traditional and enjoyed ‘Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream’. This was a brilliant walk through multi media exhibit which brought the story of Walt to life and shared the history of Mickey and all the parks… It was really cool and I wished we had longer to explore this part of the park…

DSCF9801 DSCF9802 DSCF9804Unfortunately we had to get a wiggle on as we were booked in to see the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular…. This was not at all what we were suspecting, it started out like how we imagined with Indy dodging booby traps and near death experiences but when he got run over by a giant ball and someone shouted “cut, light’s” we thought… hmmm…. Turns out it’s a tongue-in-cheek look behind the scenes at how stunts are filmed in the movies with the likes of stunt doubles and such…. lots of explosions and fight scenes and a comedic volunteer from the audience…..

DSCF9813 DSCF9815 DSCF9818 DSCF9822 DSCF9828So…. Next up was a chance to celebrate some of Hollywood’s finest other films as we did the ‘Great Movie Ride’ a 20 minute ride through the most famous films ever… from Mary Poppins to the Wizard of Oz, Singing in the Rain to Alien…

DSCF9831 DSCF9834 DSCF9840 DSCF9841DSCF9864We ended our day with a pretzel and some Star Wars fireworks… Hollywood Studios… Done!

DSCF9880 DSCF9883 DSCF9879