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Day 9 and our full day dedicated to the Magic Kingdom had come around…. in the first week we’d only managed to do an evening here or there so we thought it would be fun to spend a whole day in ‘Walt’s world’.

DSCF9271 DSCF9273

We again chose to approach the Kingdom via boat rather then monorail and it was lovely to see the castle peeking into view in daylight having only ever seen it at night before…

DSCF9274 DSCF9275 DSCF9276 DSCF9277

We entered through the main gate and past the Theatre where Maxwell proposed! Cue smiles all round… From there it was on to Adventure Land

DSCF9278The first ride we went on was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride which was a fun water ride through various pirate hang outs… if you were lucky and managed to dodge the living dead you may spot Captain Jack Sparrow here and there along the journey…

DSCF9279 DSCF9286 DSCF9293 DSCF9300 DSCF9301

After a spot of dressing up and a visit to Torguga Tavern it was time to check out the famous Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse…

DSCF9305 DSCF9312 DSCF9313 DSCF9317 DSCF9320This was really cute and you got a chance to climb and explore the various rooms and passages of the tree house… it was really well done and kinda made you wanna live in a tree!!

After that we stopped by the Jungle River Cruise (we didnt actually ride it as queue was about 2hrs long) and it was time to call the future in-laws and share with them the good news of our engagement…

DSCF9302 DSCF9329After a few dodgy wifi issues we managed to phone home and share our news…

After that we decided to split up for a bit…. We grabbed a delicious Pineapple float and joined the queue for the awesome Splash Mountain…. (the others went on it later in the day, panic not we didnt leave them out)

DSCF9338After getting a little wet we ventured through Frontier Land and saw a baby Gator on route to our destination….

DSCF9336 DSCF9341 DSCF9346 DSCF9361 DSCF9365

Pretty cool seeing a wild disney alligator casually swimming round the waters of the lake… We then strolled past the castle on our way to meet the others in Tomorrow World…

DSCF9367 DSCF9369It was lovely to see the castle in the sunshine and everyone seemed in such good spirits which was lovely!!

DSCF9373 DSCF9375 DSCF9377

In Tomorrow Land we re-grouped and joined the fast pass queue for the Buzz Lightyear ride (which was fun and I totally whooped Maxwell’s ass shooting way more aliens then he!) ha

After that we split up again as my fiancé and I had dinner plans at Beast’s Castle… We were lucky enough to catch the day time festive parade in front of the castle which was lovely oh so Christmassy! (expect alot of picture’s now… I couldn’t help it)

DSCF9394 DSCF9400 DSCF9402 DSCF9405 DSCF9408 DSCF9411 DSCF9416 DSCF9424 DSCF9428 DSCF9433 DSCF9446 DSCF9467 DSCF9476 DSCF9479 DSCF9486 DSCF9490 DSCF9496 DSCF9503 DSCF9506 DSCF9511 DSCF9514 DSCF9519 DSCF9535 DSCF9541 DSCF9543 DSCF9549 DSCF9556 DSCF9565 DSCF9569Pretty special huh!?!?

After that we quickly changed (despite the Americans attitude to dressing down that’s just not how we do things) dressed up we were lead into the beautiful castle with a little help from Lumière and one of the hostesses…. Once inside the masters castle we we sat at a cute little table for two in the grand hall and enjoyed a glass of champagne and 3 courses of yummy French food including a double serving of the grey stuff… it is indeed delicious…

DSCF9574 DSCF9576 DSCF9577 DSCF9578 DSCF9580 DSCF9582 DSCF9583 DSCF9584 DSCF9589 DSCF9594DSCF9597 DSCF9602 DSCF9604After dinner and a brief glimpse of the beast himself we perused the castle and then got to meet the big man himself… he was quite impressed with Maxwells’ outfit thats for sure…

DSCF9617 DSCF9618 DSCF9626 DSCF9632The rest of our day at Disney was spent taking (lots) more photos and meeting up with the others to do the 7 dwarves and Thunder mountain rides (both of which were excellent) experiencing more Magic kingdom snow, going on Space Mountain and soaking in the atmosphere some more…. Another great day and we all loved our day in the magic kingdom!!!

DSCF9633 DSCF9636 DSCF9637 DSCF9641 DSCF9650 DSCF9652 DSCF9659 DSCF9662 DSCF9665 DSCF9668