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DSCF9887Day 11 = Universal Studios.

We’d dabbled in Universal Studios at the very beginning of our holiday when we did Harry Potter but we didn’t go anywhere else in the park so today was the day to tick off as many things as Universally possible…. with limited days left in our holiday and our energy levels dipping we decided to do just 1 day here and cram it all in!

DSCF9891 DSCF9900 DSCF9901

The day was hot and the queues were long… with no fast passes we had accepted we’d be waiting in queues quite a bit, but I must admit, we hadn’t quite anticipated the 3hr+ wait times…. arghh….

We’d been very sensible and planned a route and order for the day, but that didn’t last long I must admit..

We started the day off with Shrek 4-D… like all the 4-D simulator type shows I’d experienced on our holiday I blooming loved this… 3-D things flying out into your face a seat that moved as you galloped along with Donkey and the odd squirt in the face… obviously fun times a plently….

We’d then planned Transformers but not with that wait, so we saw a few of them lurking round the edge of the block but sadly didn’t get to experience the ride

DSCF9899 DSCF9929 DSCF9947So…. passing on Transformers we moved on to Krusty Land and joined our favourite yellow animated family….

DSCF9902 DSCF9907

Joining the HUGE queue we watched an endless string of Simpsons clips as we crawled along in the queue. When we finally got the the front the ride itself was again really good, and saw you crashing your way through Krusty Land and going on the worlds worst/best rollercoaster… Fun times!

After the ride we grabbed some food (and a well deserved cold drink) and checked out a few more Springfield landmarks and well known residents…

DSCF9913 DSCF9916Next up was the men in black ride which I presumed was something it wasn’t and actually wasn’t that great, luckily we joined the single rider queue so we only waited about 10 minutes!

DSCF9919 DSCF9922 DSCF9936 DSCF9937

Then the boys and girls split up so the boys could queue for Transformers and the girls could check out some shops, grab some tator tots and secure a good spot for the Macy’s Christmas Parade….

DSCF9941After a little food fuel, the sun set and the huge parade began… Borrowed balloons and floats from NYC Macy’s Thanks Giving Parade lined the streets and we sat on the curb for a while and enjoyed the festivities whilst the boys crammed in another couple of rides…. (Transformers, The Mummy & the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit)

DSCF9949 DSCF9950 DSCF9955 DSCF9961 DSCF9967

When the parade finished Freya and I made a mad dash for the Mummy Ride (on recommendation from the boys) even joining the end of the parade in our rush to take advantage of the incredibly short single rider queue…. Our efforts paid off, we went straight on and this ride was fab!! Lots of mummies jumping out on you and flames everywhere… lots of pitch black backless rollercoastering…. lots of fun!

And there you have it, another day, another park done! yay!