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We’d really started winding down by this point of the holiday (and I was loving it…. after 11 days non stop) Bless Maxwell, he drove us every day and did a wonderful job… today he was utterly playing the role of taxi driver…

We started by dropping Jasper off at Epcot, he wanted to do a couple more rides there, then go back to Hollywood Studios and do a couple more rides there… The girls wanted to shop so we then dropped them off at an Outlet Mall…. Maxwell and I then had a few hours alone to enjoy some new fiancé time…


We headed to ‘Celebration’ on recommendation from Mrs Keates. Celebration is a candy coloured haven that was built by Disney in the late 80’s early 90’s to house the staff of Disney… it’s all very twee and you kind of feel like you’re in a 1950’s movie or Stepford Wives shows….

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It was very cute though, with rocking chairs on the lake and a proper all american diner where we enjoyed some cheese fries and a classic grilled cheese sandwich…


After that we headed home and had the fun task of announcing our engagement (this was literally the first opportunity we had, we literally hadn’t stopped) We poured ourselves a drink, set the self timer up and took a few snaps (all very cheesy and loved up) we then posted the snaps online and celebrated with another cocktail/beer and a dive bomb into the pool!! AMAZING…. a couple of hours flew by and it was time to collect the troops who’d all had a fun day shopping/at the parks….

DSCF0128The evening was spent chilling at home, a home cooked dinner, a big old glass of wine and Hook on DVD. Bliss!