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So… I have officially been engaged a month now… Wow…if time continues to fly this way we will be getting married in no time at all!!

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I thought it would be fun (as I do with most fun things) to blog about my wedding journey… Feeling a bit of a wedding pro (it seems like the last 3 years I have been attending wedding non stop) I thought my unique, and probably topsy turvy approach to wedding planning would be quite fun to share. For example 1 month in and we both have our wedding shoes, an amazing (geeky) scrapbook in the making, a date and very nearly a venue plan…. That’s pretty good right?? Shoes first is a sensible option wouldn’t you agree??! Haha

So here goes… Advice from Ami on how to plan a wedding (and enjoy doing it too)

1, probably the most valuable advice I can share courtesy of my awesome big bro… DONT STRESS AND JUST ENJOY BEING ENAGAGED… YOU HAVE LOADS OF TIME

This is crucial to a healthy and happy wedding planning experience…. A few weeks in I was being to feel (what felt like) hounded from all sides with people asking if we’d set a date, venue suggestions, advice and questions on budgets and money etc… Whilst I knew everyone was just excited and wanted to help I started to feel a little overwhelmed and panicked… Like I needed all the answers straight away. Of course after chatting to my ultra chilled and sensible big bro I calmed down and things all started to feel a little easier… A day with one of my besties chatting ideas and inspirations also helped me get back into feeling excited about the little bits and not stress the big stuff.

I really can’t hammer this in enough…. Enjoy your engagement, call your fiancé fiancé all the time because you can and it will make you feel all happy inside! Celebrate, celebrate and celebrate some more because well you’re engaged and that’s frigging awesome! Celebrate with family meals, with slumber parties with your girls… Celebrate with extra early nights and cheese and cracker nights… Do as many celebratory things as darn possible and ride that celebration out… It feels awesome to have your love toasted and the champagne’s not bad either!


This is me getting practical… Until a date is set you can’t really plan anything… We’ve opted for a midweek date (which we hope will mean things being a little cheaper down the line) but mainly the date was chosen because of its sentimental reasoning. The day is our anniversary and will mark 5 years of being his girl. We always do something special on our anniversary and what better way of celebrating this milestone then by becoming his bride.


If you’re anything like me, you LOVE a good scrapbook…. For a while now I have been keeping a secret wedding inspiration pinterest board for all the ideas I really really love and wanted to keep a surprise (who am I kidding all my favourite ladies have had a sneaky peak but that’s all part of the fun)

One of the first bridey things I did was go and purchase a big old scrapbook (and complimenting guestbook, hen do book, wedding album… Hey they were on offer) and print off the plentiful selection of inspiration images… I’ve since grouped them into loose categories and printed them off… I told you it was geeky!

Since then I have enjoyed many a chilled happy evening with a guillotine and a roll of double sided tape putting all my ideas into place. Whilst I adore Pinterest I felt I needed things a little more ordered and ‘there’ to look at, scribble notes on and share with Maxwell.

Trust me, this will be a masterpiece and something that I hope will tell the origins of our big day for many a year to come…

This process also helped me narrow down my inspirations so they all fitted and complimented each other… When everything was laid out on the coffee table it’s easier to see that one idea won’t work with the other and without really thinking you’ll be able to start making wedding decisions.

And if you’re feeling mega geeky like me, I can also suggest having a separate book for all things ‘bride’ that way you can share the big book with your fiancé and keep your brides ideas secret!


It’s not nice and it’s a bit tricky but have that chat. Maxwell and I are really keen on buying a house so are being sensible about the cost we’d feel comfortable spending on what is essentially one day. We are fortunate in that we can be creative with all the details that really make a day and have lots of offers of making evenings. Also discuss what you want to do about family contributions and accepting money from family. This was a difficult one as people will want to help but for us it didn’t feel right… We both agreed that we wouldn’t ask for money from anyone… It was our big day and we didn’t feel comfortable with our lovely family giving us big chunks of money. A nice compromise (because people who love you will want to help you out if they can) is to accept gifts… Someone buying your bouquet, someone else getting the toast or for example feels nice and makes those things extra special.

I know this section of the advice is very personal and will vary from couple to couple but I guess the advice is to just do what you feel comfortable with. As soon as Maxwell and I made that decision we felt happier, more in control and also excited… We would be doing this!


I get that by buying our shoes first we may be doing things a little backwards but you know what, I’m excited about my uber bargain vintage shoes from Lithuania.  I’m also thrilled that Maxwell has found a pair of beautiful designer boots that he actually likes (this is my lovely man who lives in converse and work boots) it’s a funny story and they’re both so us it’s just feels right!

I may have also indulged in a stunning one off bouquet weave from an Australian artist whom I adore… This little thing, which may seem indulgent to some, will be my special keepsake from my most happiest of days and will forever hang on my wall as a a reminder of the day I said I do!  If there’s something that you really want, that will make you feel amazing do it…. Buy it, enjoy it, after all it’s your special day.

So there you have it… My first official wedding post… I’ll definitely update you along the way and share ideas and more ami hints…. I am so excited to be in this bride-to-be bubble… Can you tell?