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So… another month of being engaged, another month of wedding related shenanigans…. I’m not gonna lie, I am 100% still utterly in love with the whole being engaged thing, not to mention (if even possible) even more in love with that handsome fiancé of mine…

We’ve had such a fun month my lover and I… I’m over the moon to say we have booked and confirmed our wedding and reception wedding venues (yay).

Initially we fell in love with the worlds most perfect sounding venue – The Wild Garden (swoon) at The Hyde Estate (my soon to be surname) How frigging perfect….? I wanted a giant tipi in the great outdoors, very boho beautiful… Unfortunately for us the price tag attached to said dream wedding made it utterly unachievable for us and our very modest wedding budget…

Fret not though… a believer in karma…and as a direct bi-product of looking at The Hyde Estate, we have since found the most perfect venue to say our ‘I Do’s’… I honestly cannot wait and can’t imagine any other alternative now… I’m going to keep it a bit of a secret… at least until we’ve sent out our invites… but trust me, its beautiful.

As for the reception venue… It couldn’t have been more perfect for us…. Any wedding venue that quotes “if diamontes in your roses and chair covers are your thing… thank you very much but no thank you…” on their website are all right by me! Think rustic, charming, beautiful, laid back and just 100% perfect. 

So 2 months in, a few crucial details confirmed, I thought it would be fun to share another 5 pointers/suggestions/things we’ve ticked off and decisions we’ve made along the way…

1, Don’t pop your ‘engagement’ bubble… Continue to wallow in your loved up happiness… Our engagement cards are still up as is our congratulatory fridge message from our housemate. I think it’s important and good for both of you… Luckily for us, we also got to celebrate Valentines together for the first time as more then just boyfriend and girlfriend which was pretty special and have drawn out the celebrations further! Blooming lovely!!

2, Indulge in a few bride(y) things… A weekend visit to one of my fave girls (and fellow recently engaged babe) meant I got to indulge in my first ever bride magazine… It felt odd, like I’d joined some kind of elite club… As I flicked through the pages I truly felt like a bride-to-be taking notes and getting ideas. If you’ve not already I really recommend you go out and treat yourself to a plush glossy wedding filled magazine (you can thank me later).

Another typical bride(y) thing we’ve done is booked (the mumma, bridesmaid & I) our first ever wedding fair. A bit scared of the whole traditional wedding ones we’ve opted for A Most Curious Wedding Fair which promises to deliver the very latest fashions, designs, exciting and directional products and services, with the foresight to be changeable, en vogue and never tired or standing still. Sounds good huh?!?! (expect a follow up post on this)

3, Make some big decisions…. having sorted our venues is a huge weight off our mind… Even planning this far in advance we noticed places were getting booked up quickly… Our reception wedding venue only books about 10 weddings a year so I’m thrilled we’ve got in there! We also scoped out the place we want to spend our wedding night the other week… I noticed they were having a wedding showcase so we took a little road trip and got to check out a couple of the special rooms. We fell in love with a beautiful room with a stunning view with a big old bath tub right behind the bed! Perfect!

Trust me, these are the big choices but once they’re made, they’re done, you can sit back and know the hard bit is done and the rest is just the details…. We were lucky that we loved and secured the first two places we saw… I know that’s not always the case but remain positive and enjoy the experience of hunting whether its a long or short journey…. This is somewhere which will become a huge part of your love story and you’ll know when you find the right place trust me.

4, Continue to get things if it feels right…. Since my last post I have brought my wedding earrings and my chief bridesmaid dress. My Bouquet Weave also arrived and I absolutely adore it. I’m so glad I made that purchase and followed my heart not my head. The earrings were found on Etsy (all the way from America) and are a stunning 1940’s collarbone grazing pair of beauts which I’ve safely stashed away in a drawer and have only taken them out twice to admire (ha ha). I stumbled across the most stunning bridesmaid dress for Onion (aka my longest best friend Kate) from ASOS… It’s not at all what I imagined, apart from the colour, which is perfect, but it’s going to suit her so perfectly and has that laid back bohemian vibe that I wanted… I cant wait for her to try it on – she’s going to look stunning. It’s not what you’d call traditionally bridemaidy but that’s probably why I like it…. and this just demonstrates my point that if it feels right just get it… don’t try and do what you think you should or what is the norm… do what is right for you!

On this same point we are regularly checking out charity shops to source table decorations and dinner time essentials…. I like the fact we’re getting bits as and when… i’m doing the sensible thing of unpacking, showing off, photographing and then packing away. We hope that by doing it this way it will never become a boring chore but a fun thing we can do together…  (we are also gaining the most sensational collection of thrift store goodies!)

5, Finally get used to sending out emails asking for quotes… especially if you’re DIYing it like us. Don’t be afraid to ask about costs up front… we have been contacting all sorts of companies; facilities, transport, film and photographers etc but it’s all good (I recommend getting organised – create a folder in your email inbox and a file on your computer and get yourself a notebook because you’re going to want to keep things all together!) We have now booked our photographer, who is the sensational Hayley Savage. I’m so happy Hayley will be capturing our big day. She has shot lots of friends weddings and is more like a friend so I know we will feel relaxed in front of her and she will blend in to the day and capture all the little details that I want to remember forever.

So there you go… another few tips and updates from moi and maxwell on our engagement journey….I cant wait to see what we’ll have done by next month!