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My Niece just turned two. I wanted to give her something really special to mark the occasion but with saving for the wedding I couldn’t really afford anything expensive so I do what I so often do in a situation like this, I made her a gift.

Lilly loves books and is also really into saying hi to all the family… “Hi Ami”, “Hi Max”, “Hi Grini” etc etc so I thought I could combine the two and make her a book featuring all the people she likes saying hi to. I thought it would be fun to draw her something, like a comic, but then I had a brainwave of using the photobook service thing you get in Asda and Tesco.


Wanting to include all the family I used photos as a reference to come up with a scenario for all the Lowman’s and themed them on things Lilly likes to do… Ballet, reading, bubble beards etc


Once all the drawings were complete (water colours on nice paper) I scanned them into the computer then started creating the actual book. I used Tesco’s online service and choose a 20″ square hardback option.


It was really easy to do and cute as you could change the colours of the page and add text etc. I was really happy about how it turned out and would definitely do it again…

If you wanna see the whole thing in order I’ll share it below!