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I know I know I’m late with my third wedding post… I had fully intended to be good and stick to a regular posts but life has a funny habit of getting in the way doesn’t it?!

I do have an excuse though I promise… I have been patiently waiting to hear back from 8 special little ladies… And little ladies can’t be rushed don’t ya know. You may have guessed from this previous post that my thoughts were on my aisle companions and whilst I had fully intended to do this as one big post I thought I’d stop keeping you waiting and do it in two parts.

So… how do you go about deciding on your bridesmaids and flower girls…. It can be a bit of a minefield can’t it!? I have spoken to various friends about this over the last couple of years and it seems one of those things that you can so easily offend people with. I have the best bunch of girls anyone could wish for and whilst I’d love for them all to be my maids, financially and realistically it wouldn’t work so I have long said that I’d stick to just one, my oldest friend Onion (technically Katie FYI), Luckily I know that all my other girls get this and wont feel any less part of the wedding. All have offered their skills in planning and making and help if we need it (that’s when you know you’ve got a good bunch of girls)

So whilst I’ve been reserved on the big girls, I may had got a little carried away when it comes to the little ones…. you can’t blame me… Images like this…

5-flower-girl-fashion(source) and this… photo3(source) have swayed me into asking a whole gaggle (I’m still working on their collective term) of little ladies to by my wedding day gals.

In the running we have 8….yep 8 little munchkins, all in mismatched dresses with wild flowers in their hair! (Already I cannot wait to see the photos)

So before I could ask them I have to design a card, and before I could design a card I had to create a monogram. This might feel like an odd thing but I always pictured having something, a logo for want of a better word, which could be used throughout our stationary to tell a story of our day… Luckily for us, drawing is my thing and I spent a pleasant evening coming up with the design below… Its tells a story and hints at parts of our day, rustic wild flowers to represent our reception venue. Art Deco patterns for our ceremony venue and some elephants for well…. (that’s a secret) plus the important addition of our initials and our date.

1lores logoAfter that it was time to add some colour and some words and I was ready for printing…

bridesmaid loresDo you like?? We printed them on pure white textured card and they looked swell! (even if I do say so myself) I wrote to all the girls asking and explaining why I’d like them to be my bridesmaid and also asking them to ‘write me back’….

This is a little selfish (my youngest is only 1) but help from mum/dad was encouraged and I’m so glad I did as I have had some beautiful and comical replies which I’ll treasure forever… I’ll wait to share them till I have received all the responses but so far things are looking good with lots of yes’s and excited little ladies….

Here’s a couple of snaps I took whilst writing them…

DSCF1397 lores DSCF1399 loresIt was such a fun thing to do, and got me all excited about designing all the rest of our stationary… I’ll make sure I post again soon with their responses and also something a little special I’m making for them all (an alternative to a flower bouquet in case your interested!)

Till next time xx