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So here we are… 4 months in and its been a fun, creative and organised month for this little bride-to-be… I have been busy crafting, creating and making spreadsheets! (Every good bride needs a spreadsheet to two)

Plus I have discovered another thing I LOVE about being engaged…sharing details and talking weddings with other brides to be!!! I don’t know what it is about talking to another bride that slightly trumps non engaged folk… maybe it’s because you’re excitement is contagious, maybe it’s because there’s no fear you’re going to bore them to death, or quite simply that it’s reassuring to compare stories and check you’re doing everything ok! I’m lucky in that one of my best friends got engaged days after we did, as is getting married a month before, so whilst our weddings may be worlds apart (I am so excited about her big day) our timetimes compliment each other which is rather handy! Also my lovely friend and work buddy also got engaged over the Christmas/New Year break but has booked September (this year) for their big day… She is whizzing through their to-do list and it’s so exciting catching up and hearing her ideas. She also happens to be a fellow creative and super talented babe so I can whole heartedly recommend checking out her awesome blog and enjoy her weekly wedding series!

So, back to the matter in hand and this post’s purpose… Inspired by my bridesmaid cards, I have been doing some more work on our invitations (I obviously can’t share anything till I’ve sent them out) but it’s so much fun!! haha… I really am loving designing these and think I’ll be pretty sad when it’s all done. One thing that’s struck me is how much information there is to include with a wedding invite! We’re going to be sending our proper little bundles when the time comes! Super happy, lovely, fun filled bundles of love and joy and all the good stuff!

But anyway, enough of that… I will want to say more if I keep talking and I’ll save that for another post….

I mentioned in #3 that I was going to make an alternative for my mini maids to carry down the aisle and the crafter in me has had a busy few days making some very special gifts…

I decided quite early on that I didn’t want all my minis to be in the same dress, to to all look like little clones of each other, they’re all such individual characters that I want their little personalities to shine though… all the mischievous, sassy, headstrong, twirling qualities that make these little ladies who they are… but I still felt they needed something to unite them all and carry in that bridesmaidy way.

Whilst mini posies and flower wands are cute they don’t really suit the vibe Maxwell and I are wanting for our wedding so I have taken a bit of bohemian inspiration and decided that they would all carry dream catchers instead. I adore a dream catcher and of course this could also be a gift from me to them that hopefully they’ll treasure forever… if they don’t end up being used as frisbees, which let’s be honest is a possibility!

I didn’t just want to buy them as that didn’t feel special enough, isn’t really how we do things AND I wanted to create something a little prettier so… for my #4 Wedding offering I thought I’d share with you all my step-by-step guide to making my flower girl bohemian flower dream catchers…. (catchy title I think you’ll agree)

Here goes….

DSCF2101First up you’re going to want to be all prepared and get all your bits together! You’re going to need: Ribbon (I used velvet), wool/string or similar, flowers (faux, paper etc), beads, scissors, wooden rings (can I recommend embroidery hoops), double sided tape, pliers and feathers (not shown).

DSCF2106DSCF2108Your first job is to apply some double sided tape to the outside of the wooden hoop, don’t go all the way round, I worked in about 10cm lengths at a time. Peel off the paper backing and you’re ready to start binding (ps, don’t worry of your tape is a bit wider then the wood)

DSCF2110 DSCF2111You’re then going to start binding the hoop using your ribbon of choice, keep the ribbon taut and overlap slightly each time. Pass the ball/spool of ribbon through the middle of the hoop each time. (you will notice that it get twisted so every now and again just let it un twist!)

DSCF2115Keep going all the way round till you reach the starting point. Go as close as you can without over lapping!

DSCF2116 DSCF2117

You’re then going to want to cut off about this much… roughly… better to be over generous then be left short.

DSCF2119 DSCF2120Make a loop for a handle and then securely knot at the base.

DSCF2123Apply some more double sided tape to the left over bit, peel off the backing paper, tightly wrap round and trim off the excess.

Now it’s time to create the middle of your Dreamcatcher!

DSCF2126 DSCF2127Choose your string/wool and tie it securely onto the hoop.

DSCF2134 DSCF2132You then need to start making loops around the edge of the hoop… its a bit tricky to explain so I’ve taken alot of pics. You basically want to loop it back on itself to keep it in place. Use 2 (as shown or 3, which I found worked better) fingers as a guide to keep your loops evenly spaced…

DSCF2137 DSCF2140Keep going all the way round… when you catch up with the starting point go the the middle of the hoop to make your next ‘knot’. By the way, I am definitely not a professional and I’m sure there are much better ‘how to’s’ out there to explain this part of the process!

DSCF2141 DSCF2142Again just keep following this process working in a clockwise motion… This one is all a bit uneven but trust me it looked ok in the end!

DSCF2144 DSCF2143 DSCF2145I found as I got nearer the middle my fingers became too big and a pair of long nosed or snipe pliers became very handy! You’re gonna want to / have to stop when you’ve got a small circle left in the middle.

DSCF2146 DSCF2149Conveniently this hole is the perfect place to top a lovely bead! Once you’ve gotten into the swing of things you can include smaller beads actually in the web too which looks pretty good if I do say so!


Next you’re going to want to grab a selection of flowers. I used faux and mainly paper ones as I thought they were nicest… If possible you want to find ones with wired stems, if you can’t find those, you can DIY this stage by wrapping wire round the stem yourself. Think of where you’d like you flowers and you can start applying them…

DSCF2153 DSCF2154Starting one flower at a time you’re going to want to use the wire to secure the flower in place… Pliers very handy I should add…

DSCF2156I can also recommend adding lots of texture and different lengths so it looks more natural!

DSCF2157And voila all done… cute huh?

DSCF2161Next you’re going to want to grab so feathers… This handy pack was perfect for what I wanted!

DSCF2162 DSCF2163The final stage is to add the tassels/feather bottoms… so cut a length of the same wool you used in the middle and loop it round the edge. Do some on the side, some on the bottom your choice of where and how many!

DSCF2166Then on one of your strands thread a bead and apply a short length of double sided tape. I trapped the end of the feather in the tape and encased it by rolling up the double sided tape between my thumb and forefinger.

DSCF2168You can then slide the bead down over the top of the tape/feather end and secure in place! (ps, you’re gonna want a bead with a generous hole!)

DSCF2169Then it’s time to let your creative juices flow and keep adding, I didn’t do mine all symmetrical and even but if your OCD tendencies are a bit stronger then mine knock yourself out and make them even!

DSCF2171 DSCF2227Once you’ve finished all your tassels, well you’e finished!!

How cute do they look? I’m super happy with them, I also chose a mix of emerald, cream and grey ribbons, and have made sure they’re all different as the little ladies who will be carrying them!

So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed this little offering and I’ll be back soon with more wedding updates and what I’ve been up to! x

NB: Oh… I forgot to say, Bar the beads (which I saved from an old bead curtain) you can get all the other bits from Hobbycraft & The Range