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Kate Parker is a photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also mum to two daughters, Ella, 9, and Alice, 6. Combining these two roles was the beginning of something pretty special. Kate wanted to take beautiful photos of her girls but more importantly, she wanted to capture them as they truly are… In her own words ‘beautiful warriors’.

This result was a pretty special photo series with a very fitting name – “Strong Is The New Pretty.”

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Kate wanted to showcase her girls as they are…loud, messy, silly, fearless, independent, confident and fierce. Through her images, she wanted to combat the messages the media sends to women and girls: that beauty is a hairstyle, a certain size or an outfit. Kate’s goal was to show that true beauty is in being yourself 100%. Confident is beautiful. Messy is pretty. Loud is great. Silly is awesome. Strong is the new pretty.

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The response to Kate’s images has been amazing… so much so that “Strong is the New Pretty” will become a book in 2017. The book will expand the images from just Kate’s immediate circle to young women around the country. Kate’s goal is to have someone in the book that everyone can relate to in some way. Someone that they can understand their struggle, someone they see themselves in, someone that inspires them.

“I wanted this series of images to show their boldness, their strength and the beauty in them, as they are,” Parker writes on her website.My girls know that who they are is just perfect. Their silly, adventurous, frustrated, happy, LOUD, athletic, fierce, funny selves. They don’t need to have their hair done, clothes matching, or even be clean to be loved or accepted”

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I’ve shared with you some of my favourite images but check out the Strong is the new pretty section of Kate’s website for the full set of images of all these beautiful, awesome, unique and strong young women!

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