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You know when you see something and it just resonates with you?

Well the other day a friend shared a short film online that she was featured in.

The film; NOTHING BUT HER has a focus on fashion but explores and profiles 11 women in today’s society.

The film-maker, Emma Breschi is an Italian/Filipino beauty herself and in addition to making films & taking photos in London, she also occasionally steps in front of the lens too..

Emma explains her thoughts behind the film: “Weaving each and every narrative into one story that intends to celebrate modern women and empower young women to embrace your own individually and what it means to be a woman!”

To me, what is so powerful, isn’t only the empowering and individual women who are featured but the poem that is spoken throughout.

I’m not sure who wrote it or where it came from but I adore the words…. So much so that I attempted to share them with you today (apologies if I got some bits wrong… I’m positive I did)

So with Emma’s permission here is her film; NOTHING BUT HER and below, my attempt of sharing with you the spoken words which I think are so awesome.

NOTHING BUT HER a film by Emma Breschi from Emma Breschi on Vimeo.

When she was young, with her long and silky curls

her mumma always told her ‘Honey, you’re more then just a girl’

now she may not feel so pretty, but a diamond in the rough

she’ll never have to worry, cos she’s always good enough.


When her lips are always kissing, Girl, Those lips are never blue

Soft fingertips will have a grip, that she does hold on to.

Don’t need no four-leaf clover, rabbit’s foot or good luck charm

With a flick of the wrist and a shake in a hip she’ll find herself in those arms.

She will be heartbroken, though she’ll never get a bruise

And if she plays that game called love she knows she just cant loose.


They wonder where her secret lies, the truth it is behind her eyes

The window to a very soul, something we’ve all been told before

A one-track mind with a one track heart

And if she fails she’d fall apart

But hey that’s life it’s all a test, it’s not that bad when you feel like you’re the best


So lets raise a glass to the girls with sass

Celebrate it baby let’s liberate young ladies

And to that we say, remember this,

beyond all that glitters, social flair and fancy fur

There is just no meaning, for its nothing but her.


If you want to check out more of Emma’s work you can visit her Vimeo page or website. You can also find her on instagram, twitter & facebook.

As as for the awesome women who featured in the film here they are:

Helena Lester-Card | Heidi Petite | Daisy Chandley | Aimee Foy | Clea Martin
Jennifer Boctor | Coral Kwayie | Lena Abbas | Portia Ferrari | Fay Douglas