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Screen shot 2016-05-23 at 10.05.28Seriously…. where is this year going?!

We are fast approaching our anniversary which also happens to be the one year count down to the big day! eek!!

Plans are going well and I’ve spent another month, making, designing, researching and acquiring.

Our basement is fast filling up with boxes of glorious vintage and thrifted glasses, decorations, vases and decanters (all carefully counted, photographed and packed away of course)

God bless our housemate who has come to expect unusual wedding related shenanigans going on all over the house… from the lounge that resembles a hybrid florist/invitation design studio to the basement which is looking more and more like a make shift mechanic’s garage (Maxwell is taking-to-bits and fixing-up our future wedding car obviously)

Last week I brought a beautiful (but HUGE) wicker peacock chair for the wedding which, whilst beautiful, is currently sat in the middle of the lounge! haha… Fret not we will soon be moving the ever growing collection to my nan’s garage (mumma lo… consider this an official (as requested) public nag)

The one problem with doing a DIY wedding is well, you gotta do it all yourself! haha… Don’t get me wrong I am loving days spent trawling charity shops, flea markets and bootsales. We are maintaining our mantra of no stress and little and often and I’m happy to say we are already there with certain items, like wine glasses etc.

I’m excited for when the hoard is complete and I can get to doing table scape trials.

I’ve had an awesome (and very intelligent – even if I do say so myself) idea that once we have everything ready I will ask Maxwell to knock me up a bit of wood the same size of the tables and I will decide on every table layout; which vases and candlesticks and glasses to include. These can then be photographed and packed away meaning when it comes to setting up I have a geekily organised box with all favours, glassware and decorations included for each table… amazing huh. My inner organised bridezilla is proudly peacocking around the room!

Of course this idea (and the nearly completed invites) have also meant that we have finalised our guest-list.

This was a big thing for me. When Maxwell and I first got engaged and I drafted a guest list it was huge… and I mean huge. Over time and with capacity limitations put on us by the venues this list has decreased and shrunk to where it is now. Guest lists and the drama over who to invite can be a huge headache for any bride and groom but Maxwell and I have come up with a few simple and transparent rules which have helped us reach the final list. One of my awesome besties also had a brilliant bit of advice for choosing guests: ‘the birthday card rule’ those you send and receive birthday cards warrant an invite, those you don’t, well don’t.

Maxwell has also suggested that if he feels he can’t have more then a ‘Hi, How you doing?, What have you been up to’ generic conversation with people then he doesn’t really want them there at the wedding, not because he doesn’t like them or there’s anything wrong but he only really wants people he really knows there and people who he can really be himself with.

My method was about quality time. I have friends who will call me up and invite me round for a hot squash or a stroll along the beach and we will do things together just us two. I also have friends, that I see in a group scenario or they’re technically friends of friends, and whilst they’re lovely and when we’re together we all have a fab time, actually we’ve never just hung out, just us two. To me, that’s another level of friendship and that’s ok… I spent ages feeling bad about this but actually we all have friends of varying levels and that’s perfectly normal. Your wedding day is just that. Your Day. You should only have the people who you cannot imagine not being there on Your Day… and everyone will understand this and respect your wishes, and as a wise old owl told, if they don’t, well then you made the right decision about not inviting them.

Through my internet based research I have uncovered a few advice articles on guest lists and they helped me clarify my choices so if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by guest selection have a look, they may help you too! here’s one I really related to:

Style Me Pretty’s guide of who not to invite to your wedding

So with Guest list sorted it means I’ve been able to really start finalising our invites… We’re doing things a bit differently (shock horror) Max and I decided that we wanted to get our invites out early, to be precise a year in advance. Because our wedding is mid week and not local (insider gossip) we want to ensure that everyone we want has enough time and notice to book time off work. We didn’t want to do a save the date as it’s an extra round of posting and being that we’re trying to do this on a sensible budget and every little cost adds up, but well… I kinda designed one and I love it so it’s going out with our invites haha.

We also decided to only send the (as we’ve called it) ‘extra info, juicy details an top tips’ to those that rsvp ‘yes’, again meaning that we’re saving printing extra materials up and also add’s a little excitement and intrigue to those who want to come. We will hand deliver most of these as an when we see the invited guests and share in their excitement and happiness over a few months, all well in advance of the 6 month deadline!

I also have enjoyed an interesting few days thinking about seating plans (if everyone says yes of course) who to put with who and who will get along, this has been fun and tricky in equal measures) we have some big personalities and some shyer types attending and I wanted to ensure that everyone would be seated with likeminded peeps… fingers crossed i’ve nailed it! haha… Maxwell seems to approve and well I guess if it all goes tits up our informal dining will allow anyone to jump ship if they feel the need! haha

So there you have it… Another month for this little bride to be…. I’ll be back next month with more updates and progress on how we’re doing, and more top seven’s and inspirations in between! Till next time xx