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A little while back D,C & L joined Mumma, Maxwell and I for a day out at the Dockyard.

I’ve written about Portsmouth Historic Dockyard before and what a great resource it is to have literally on our Doorstep! The Dockyard with a toddler however was a little different (as most things are I’m sure)

DSCF2174 DSCF2177 DSCF2179We started the day as all good days out should begin, with lunch, stickers and being terrified of your Dad’s Zoolander impression…

After lunch (with complimentary balloon of course) we headed into the Dockyard for some wonky head shut eyed posing… It’s all the rage don’t ya know!

DSCF2184 DSCF2182We decided to begin with Action Stations, somewhere in the Dockyard I’d never been before.

Set in a historic boathouse (built somewhere between 1845 and 1848) Action Stations is a high-tech, interactive indoor attraction which features a unique series of physical challenges, simulators and technological experiments, which put visitors at the heart of the modern naval experience.

It was actually fab, more targeted for slightly older kids (Lilly is only just two) but she absolutely loved the Sky Tykes rope course (built especially with little ones in mind) It’s a series of rope bridges and balance beams with no set route or time limit so they can go round and round and round and round! (You get the picture) She was great though and got really confident with the different obstacles… The fact she’s strapped in with no where to go probably helps too!

DSCF2198 DSCF2191After that there was just enough time to make a few important Naval phone calls then we headed on…

DSCF2200 DSCF2203We decided to check out the recently opened M.33. HMS M.33 is not only the sole remaining British veteran of the bloody Dardanelles Campaign of 1915-1916, but also of the Russian Civil War which followed. The ship is one of just three British warships from World War I still in existence.

It was fab… I was lucky in that i was actually allowed to step foot on it before the restoration as we did a photoshoot on board for a project I organised but the renovation and tour we had was brilliant.

I admit it’s probably not the most interesting place to be if you’re 2, but I think when she’s about 4/5 she will love running round the ships and pretending to be a sailor!

DSCF2215 DSCF2217So there you have it…. a few pics from our whistle stop Dockyard Tour…. We brought annual passes as they’re so cheap so we’ll definitely go back again sans toddler and continue to do so… In the mean time a touristy snap of family in front of big boat… check!